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My History Of The Doobie Brothers-Part 1-SiriusXM This Week

My History of the Doobie Brothers-Part 1 – Spotify Playlist I made this in my bedroom. Normally I go to the brand spanking new SiriusXM studio in Hollywood, but needless to say, we’re all sequestered at home. So, one week we did a rerun, and then we had a History of the Beatles episode in […]

Internet Ignorance

There’s an amazing story on the “New York Times” app: “Trump Won the Internet. Democrats Are Scrambling to Take It Back. – In the era of big data, memes and disinformation, the Democrats are trying to regain their digital edge as the president and his loyalists dictate the term of the debate” Bottom line? There’s […]


This is important. To tell you the truth, I did not plan to send any more Covid-19 missives, at least not for a while, but then today people started dying and then I got this video from Amy: “How to Significantly Slow Coronavirus? (featuring Minister of Health of the Czech Rep.) #Masks4All” You should watch […]

Midnight Madness

Are you scared yet? Tonight I am. I’ve been very diligent. I haven’t seen a person face to face since I went to the drugstore on Monday the 16th. You see I don’t want to get it, and I’m fearful if I do I’m not gonna make it through. Did you see that video from […]