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“Musk Claims Media Bias in Debate Over ‘Dilbert’ Creator’s Racist Rant – The Twitter chief waded into a scandal involving the cartoonist Scott Adams, as Twitter undergoes layoffs and struggles to lure back advertisers.”: It’s never been about money, it’s always been about power. But money can buy you power. You didn’t used to […]

Re-Al Kooper/BS&T

I was Al’s drummer in the eighties – early nineties… He discovered Jimmy Vivino and me when we were newbies in Phoebe Snow’s band. Coincidentally, I was living at Lookout Farm at the time (owned by John Simon). That band included just Jimmy Vivino, Harvey Brooks, myself and Al. That same Child is a Father […]

More Car Songs Playlist “Route 66” Depeche Mode “Autobahn” Kraftwerk “Always Crashing in the Same Car” David Bowie “Mustang Sally” Wilson Pickett “Ol’ ’55” Tom Waits “Radar Love” Golden Earring “Mercury Blues” Steve Miller “I Can’t Drive 55” Sammy Hagar “Highway Star” Deep Purple “Rockin’ Down the Highway” Doobie Brothers “Born to Be Wild” Steppenwolf “Car Wheels on […]

Slow Horses-Season 2

1 Apple TV+ is the new HBO. HBO is in trouble. Actually, the entire enterprise, Warner Bros. Discovery, is in trouble. Once you start excising product to save money to stanch red ink you’re going in the wrong direction. When you’re pushing the envelope, do not be beholden to the Street. Because the Street only […]