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All-In Ticketing

Ticketmaster is committed. All dates that play after January 1st will be all-in. This will end customer confusion. They will only see one price. The main reason Live Nation is doing this is to cut the FTC off at the pass. Michael Rapino learned this from Daniel Ek. You get ahead of the customer, that’s […]


From: Peter Wiley Subject: Spotify Discovery Mode Hi Bob, thought this Tweet thread was a solid (and concise) look at Spotify’s Discovery Mode. I work for a label distributed via Sony’s Orchard and Sony will not participate in DM, nor allow any of it’s subsidiaries to opt in. There’s a real concern that their unilateral […]

Streaming Television-SiriusXM This Week

Tune in Saturday April 1st, to Faction Talk, channel 103, at 4 PM East, 1 PM West. Phone #: 844-686-5863 Twitter: @lefsetz If you miss the episode, you can hear it on demand on the SiriusXM app. Search: Lefsetz

The New Lana Del Rey Album

“Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”: This is a dorm room record. I was hiking in the mountains listening to a podcast featuring my friend, the proprietor of, Jackson Hogen. We don’t agree on everything, but this was a good primer on equipment and ski areas. To buy your […]