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The New Lana Del Rey Album

“Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd”: This is a dorm room record. I was hiking in the mountains listening to a podcast featuring my friend, the proprietor of, Jackson Hogen. We don’t agree on everything, but this was a good primer on equipment and ski areas. To buy your […]

Burt Sugarman-This Week’s Podcast

Producer Burt Sugarman just put “The Midnight Special” on YouTube. We talk about the show as well as Burt’s career, from TV to hamburgers! You’ll be fascinated!

Mass Shootings

How did we turn into a can’t do nation? Or to put it another way, if Democrats suddenly embraced gun ownership would Republicans renounce it? I don’t own a gun and never would. Primarily for two reasons: 1. I’d end up shooting a friend or relative knocking on the door or prowling around the house […]

The iHeart Music Awards

I didn’t see anybody I knew. Well, that’s not completely true. John Sykes was there. And Taylor Swift. But these awards shows are usually industry clusterf*cks. The hang supersedes the show. Everybody is in the lobby, schmoozing. But that’s not what was happening last night. You see it’s no longer one unified music business anymore. […]