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Dan Penn-This Week’s Podcast

Dan Penn is a living legend who co-wrote “I’m Your Puppet,” “Dark End of the Street,” “Do Right Woman, Do Right Man,” “Cry Like a Baby” and he produced the Box Tops’ legendary hit THE LETTER! Dan recently released his first solo album in years, “Living on Mercy,” and it’s amazingly satisfying, check it out. […]

Tom Rush-This Week’s Podcast

Tom Rush is the original singer/songwriter. Honing his chops in Cambridge while attending Harvard, Tom ultimately got record deals at Elektra and Columbia and is famous for not only his own songs, but for introducing those of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne to the masses. Listen as we hear not only about the […]

Me On John Dick’s Podcast

I’ve written about John Dick and his polling company CivicScience and even had him on my podcast: Anyway, John has started a podcast himself, “The Dumbest Guy in the Room,” and this week I’m on it: I cover a lot of ground re today’s landscape and we address topics not covered in the […]

Michael Fremer-This Week’s Podcast

Michael Fremer is the king of vinyl, he believed in its comeback when everybody else was selling their LPs. We discuss the availability of presses, demand, sound… Also, Michael is Senior Contributing Editor of “Stereophile” and thus we discuss audio equipment, what you should buy, how much you have to spend for good sound, turntable […]