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Tom Corson-This Week’s Podcast

Tom Corson is the co-chairman and chief operating officer of Warner Records. Listen… iheart spotify apple stitcher

Adam Alpert-This Week’s Podcast

Adam Alpert manages the Chainsmokers and runs Disruptor Records, a joint venture with Sony Music. Listen to how a whip-smart millennial has navigated the music business…from nightclubs to number one! iheart spotify stitcher apple

Peter Garrett-This Week’s Podcast

This almost didn’t happen. It was all set, but then Peter’s people said he had a hard out at ten to twelve and I didn’t think that would be enough time so I asked for an earlier start, and he canceled. Then I said the original start time would work and it was back on […]

Alan Hamel-This Week’s Podcast

Canadian late night TV host, producer, husband of Suzanne Somers and her career guru, Hamel has been there and done that and has great stories, he holds back nothing! iheart apple spotify stitcher