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Jake Gold/Bob Lefsetz-This Week’s Podcast

That’s right, Jake Gold returns for a wrap-up on this year’s Music Media Summit in Santa Barbara. This is the last podcast in this series, hopefully you enjoyed peeking inside the conference and are motivated to come next year! Listen on… TuneIn Apple Google Play Stitcher Soundcloud Overcast Acast Castbox

Troy Carter-This Week’s Podcast

Yes, Global Head of Creator Services for Spotify. But first, he was nobody. You’ve got to listen to his story. Like reviewing a movie, I don’t want to give you the plot points, I want you to uncover them on your own. From Philadelphia to Hollywood. With a lot of ups and downs in between. […]

Bryan Fogel-This Week’s Podcast

Did you see “Icarus”? You should, but you don’t need to to enjoy this podcast. Bryan Fogel was in director hell. His one feature tanked. What was he gonna do next? It came to him as he was riding his bike. Something he got hooked on back in Denver, where he grew up. He raced […]

Steve Boom-This Week’s Podcast

He runs Amazon Music. The service which might get little ink, but is a powerhouse. Voice control is everything, and Amazon Music is closely tied-in to Alexa. Furthermore, when I asked how many people had an Alexa-powered device at the Music Media Summit, where this podcast was recorded, almost everybody raised their hand. One person […]