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The Fat Rat-This Week’s Podcast

The Fat Rat is the king of gaming music. He’s got over 5.5 million YouTube subscribers and over 2 billion streams on YouTube and Spotify. Find out how a musician from a small city in Germany conquered the music business, going from Berlin to America and ultimately back again, signing to Universal and then leaving, […]

More Paul Anka

Well, I sure as hell did listen and it was your Academy Award Show! I knew Paul a bit when I was at Buddah ’70-’73 and have been a  big fan of his since his beginning.  He’s now got more “wanna bees” than Paul McCartney!  We are all so very lucky to have him still […]

Re-Paul Anka Podcast

I’ve never done this before, but feedback has been so positive I wanted to give you a heads-up in case you thought you weren’t interested and didn’t listen:  Bob-Of all your podcasts,that wasn’t in the top 10 best —It was the ENTIRE TOP 10. Finally, a non-druggie, non-whiner, intelligent, articulate, truthful, singer/songwriter, musician. I learned a lot. […]

Paul Anka-This Week’s Podcast

Paul Anka is a raconteur who tells us not only about his new album, but his writing process and 60+ years in the business, from bus tours with Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers to the Copa to Vegas to writing the theme song for “The Tonight Show” and “My Way” for Frank Sinatra. This […]