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Jay Cooper-This Week’s Podcast

Nonagenarian entertainment attorney Jay Cooper is as wise, insightful and sharp as ever. Tune in to hear the story of a musician who became a lawyer and is as excited about the business today as he was yesterday.

Jann Wenner-This Week’s Podcast

Mr. Rolling Stone. Jann has a new book of interviews entitled “The Masters.” We discuss the artists and more. (Note: This was recorded on Monday September 11th, prior to the publication of the “New York Times” interview and the subsequent controversy.)

Aaron Neville-This Week’s Podcast

Aaron Neville has a new autobiography, “Tell It Like It Is,” wherein he is brutally honest about his life…his drug use, his joyriding, his incarceration and his ultimate musical triumph. We delve into the highlights of Aaron’s life here.

Paul Shaffer-This Week’s Podcast

Mr. Showbiz.