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Programming Notes

THE PODCAST We are switching distributors, so we’re on hiatus for a bit, but we’re definitely coming back, much sooner rather than later. SIRIUS XM VOLUME 106 This week’s guest is Dorothy Carvello, who wrote “Anything For A Hit.” You can read what I wrote about her book here Once again, Dorothy tells the tales […]

This Week’s Podcast-ME At The Capitol Congress

I was supposed to be the moderator. Every couple of years, when the schedule is full, when the hammer is about to be put down, Steve Barnett unites the worldwide Capitol/Universal team for a confab in Hollywood. With new releases by no less than Troye Sivan and Paul McCartney in the pipeline, this year’s Capitol […]

Tom Johnston-This Week’s Podcast

Tom Johnston/Doobies Playlist 1 Just when you think you got a good thing It seems to slip away I was not a fan of the Doobie Brothers. “Listen To The Music” exploded on to the airwaves when I was in college, far from reality, in Middlebury, Vermont. All we had for radio was the college […]

Danny Goldberg-This Week’s Podcast

From a majordomo at Swan Song, Led Zeppelin’s record label, to managing Bonnie Raitt and Nirvana in their heydays to label gigs at Atlantic, Warner and Mercury, Danny Goldberg has seen and done it all. And much more. Here is the story from beginning to now, from being a stoner and leaving college to managing […]