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Karla Bonoff-This Week’s Podcast

Quite possibly the best songwriter of her generation, Karla’s most famous for the Linda Ronstadt covers, but her own versions have more emotion and both resonate and sting, depending upon the track. Of course I saw the credits for the cuts on “Hasten Down The Wind,” but the real revelation was when Karla’s first LP […]

Dean Torrence-This Week’s Podcast

Yes, that Dean, of Jan and Dean. Dedicated readers will know they were my first faves, before the Beach Boys. I played their album “Command Performance” until it turned grey (which is what happened when you had a heavy tonearm, before the heyday of audiophile turntables in the late sixties and seventies). I made my […]

The Michael Lewis Podcast

Can Michael Lewis change the world? We’re addicted to narrative. If you can tell a good story, there’s a market for you. There’s a dearth of good storytellers, despite the plethora of television shows and books, but if you nail it, we’re interested. Michael Lewis is an incredible storyteller in print. He’s not quite as […]

Linda Perry-This Week’s Podcast

I saw Linda Perry speak at Canadian Music Week. They have these conferences all over the world, usually supported by the government, and there are two halves, a festival for the wannabes performing in search of deal, and meetings and speakers on music topics. Now the truth is some people make it, but most don’t. […]