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The Fire Inside

My mother can barely walk. One of her great disappointments in life is her inability to play golf. A surgeon who operated on her for her stenosis guaranteed she’d be back on the course, over a decade ago, but that never came to be. And since then, she’s had knee replacement and broken her femur. […]

Rhinofy-Paul Brady

“Luck Of The Draw” These things we do to keep the flame burning And write our fire in the sky As you get older, your dreams dissipate. What seemed within your reach keeps getting further and further away. In high school everybody’s in your business, graduate and suddenly nobody cares. You’re on your own. The […]


Movies and MTV, they’re both in the dumper. Statistically and emotionally. We heard for a decade that digital photography was going to kill film, that Kodak was not prepared. But it never seemed to happen. Then, seemingly overnight, everyone had a digital camera and Kodak filed for bankruptcy. Just because the future isn’t here yet […]

Restless In Mind

I’d like to tell you I’m the kind of guy who fits in. Who’s been on an endless winning streak. Well-adjusted and happy. But that would be untrue. My life is about spectacular peaks and long stretches of valley. And what’s got me through, what’s carried me to the next peak, has been music. And […]