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Neon Rainbow

People seem to have forgotten Alex Chilton was in the Box Tops. Labels make a difference.  If Big Star had been on Warner Brothers instead of Ardent, if not a household word, the band would be as well known as Little Feat.  People would ooh and aah when they heard "September Gurls" or "Back Of […]

Warner/Amazon Deal

What we’ve learned in this decade is the major labels are becoming ever more irrelevant. Not only do they not create what so many are listening to, they’ve lost their power to dictate the future, progress in the marketplace has been wrested from them. DRM is a red herring. As is sale by track. Most […]

Shelby Sings Dusty

It’s just too cold to ski today. My fingers are still tingling from yesterday, when I almost screamed in pain when I removed my Nordicas after just too long on the slopes. So, today is an easy day. We had a long breakfast and now we’re all sitting in the condo at our Macs. That […]


Tina Suca: The big rock hero’s I loved so dearly can kiss my big ass. The ticket prices are outrageous BUT more often than not, it’s really the audience who wreck the experience. I have tried too often to enjoy a mega rock show. I’ll pay the big bucks.  I’d spend my last dime to see […]