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Love And Mercy

Did you catch Brian Wilson on the Kennedy Center Honors? Robert DeNiro testified for Martin Scorsese.  Even Francis Ford Coppola.  How great was the "Godfather"?  Certainly better than "Raging Bull".  "Godfather II" is my favorite movie of all time, it’s even better than "Citizen Kane". Steve Martin had to endure an abusive father.  Who wrote […]

Apple Stock

Can you buy shares in a company when everybody knows the inside dope, that the corporation is firing on all twelve cylinders, that it is a fountain of innovative products? Yes. I remember my old friend Robert, buying Disney stock after the company issued a stellar earnings report. Didn’t he want to wait for the […]

The Pollstar Numbers

U.S. concert business slumps despite reunion tours Another one bites the dust. The major labels blamed Napster/P2P…what is the concert business going to blame its nosedive on? Concert promoters cleaned up on the efforts of record companies.  Labels built the bands and promoters sold the tickets.  If you want creativity, innovation, don’t look to the […]

Sunday Morning Reading (Just In Case You Missed It)

David Byrne’s Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars