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Coran Gets Tim

This is significant, on both sides of the equation. Coran finally gets another hit act, it’s no longer DMB and the wannabes at Red Light. A rock manager finally gets a big country act. You might shit upon country, but that’s where the action is.  They’re singing songs.  Can you call that crap on Top […]

The DMB Album

U2 put out a single no one liked.  Radio rejected it, and so did casual listeners.  Only a small coterie of fans thought it was good.  What was the point? U2 had an impression that we still live in a monoculture, that everybody’s paying attention to the game.  I GET IT!  You want to do […]


TRENT’S TWEET Relaxed camera / recording policy for the upcoming NIN/JA tour I was astounded when I clicked the link and I found a policy long enough to codify a divorce.  Yes, I felt the presence of lawyers, and you don’t want them anywhere near the act/fan interface.  But then, in reading the camera policy, […]

Labels Must Become Managers

The vaunted 360 deal is basically a land grab.  Challenged financially, major labels are forcing acts to fork over interests in ancillary rights, most notably touring and merchandise, and delivering almost nothing in return.  The future company will have in-house or subcontracted companies that deliver these services.  What was seen as a label today will […]