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E-Mails Of The Day+

Re: Undercover Season 3 Thank you Bob. Always nice to read a good review, especially for this season. It was a hard one to make. Getting Bob and Ferry together pitched great but was… yes… a stretch to write. At the time I was busy making the movie, so my good friend and colleague (and […]

Undercover Season 3

It delivers. I’d say it’s phenomenal, but there are some plot points that are not fully believable…no, let me just say they stretch it. But having said that one thing you must know is at times it’s so TENSE! That’s something that TV doesn’t do so well. That’s one of the reasons “The Bureau” is […]

Damnation Spring This newsletter is not a chronicle of everything I’ve experienced…every book, TV show, movie and concert. And it’s certainly not a list. A list is not writing, and not that intriguing. However, one of the main reasons I read a book or watch a TV show or movie is because of the plot. So […]

Jeff Pollack-This Week’s Podcast

Jeff Pollack ran the leading rock radio consultancy and then pivoted into music documentaries. Chances are the AOR station you listened to in the late eighties and nineties was programmed by Pollack. Jeff simultaneously worked with MTV and other clients. As a documentary producer, Jeff is responsible for “Laurel Canyon” on Epix, Paul McCartney and […]