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Good Morning Judge

Spotify playlist: “He didn’t do it, he wasn’t there He didn’t want it, he wouldn’t dare” I don’t know why these words started going through my head twenty minutes ago but there they were, unable to be excised. And the more they played in my brain the happier I was. I was entranced by […]

Adele In Vegas

It’s always the stars that change the paradigm. Credit John Meglen with starting the Vegas residency trend, with Celine Dion. And over the years more and more acts have played there for extended periods. And now we’ve got Adele. The traveling is hell. Isn’t that what Dan Fogelberg said? The traveling kills you. The best […]

Get Back-Part Two

John Lennon is an asshole. But Paul McCartney can be passive-aggressive. So the shock here is the old cars. Watching the miniseries you believe you’re in the present, so why are the cars in the street so ancient? It’s cognitive dissonance. Paul may be complaining about the quality of 16mm film, but just like the […]

The Beatles: Get Back-This Week On SiriusXM

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