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Ramble On

"Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)" was my favorite track on "Led Zeppelin II".  Maybe it was just teenage hormones, but the way the song took off like a shot appealed to me.  Like you could OUTRACE society.  And I’ve always been about playing outside society. But now although when I hear "Living Loving" […]

Another Dumb Blonde

Bear with me here. I had an iPod crisis.  I went to do my podcast yesterday, and the songs I’d transferred earlier in the day weren’t there. Now I’m a computer whiz.  Yet running through all the logic in my brain, I couldn’t figure out what happened.  And after failing to rectify the problem earlier […]

Jemima Surrender

The Band weren’t so big in their heyday.  Maybe they were just a bit too ahead of the game.  By time the Englishmen had soaked up their influence, the Band had run out of creative gas.  Robbie Robertson could write music in the STYLE of his great works, he just couldn’t create any new ones. […]

Today’s Discoveries

"I Am The Highway"Audioslave Maybe if I’d read less about this band.  Maybe if the Ragers involved hadn’t abandoned their cherished political stance.  Maybe if they didn’t have such a dumb fucking name.  I would have PAID ATTENTION! What if you bludgeoned a public and nobody cared?  When done right, music is as fulfilling as […]