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Buck Owens

From: Randy PoeSubject: My Thoughts on Buck Dear Bob, Like you, I sit up half the night writing to get things off my chest and/or out of my system. Even though I suspect you’re not a big country fan, I thought I’d share this with you – from one late-night writer to another: I was […]

The French Initiative

I fail to see how DRM-interoperability solves the major labels’ problems. So, open up the DRM and you can listen to tracks purchased at the iTunes Music Store on competitive hand-helds.  This could erode iPod dominance.  Then again, maybe not.  Is that really what’s selling the iPod, iTMS compatibility?  Sure, it might make someone think […]

On Stage With The Allmans

Where I went to college, at Middlebury, in Vermont, they had what was known as the 4-1-4 system. What that meant was the first semester ended before Christmas, not typical when most schools required five classes and finals were AFTER Christmas, the spring semester started in the middle of February, and in the middle, for […]

Carnegie Hall

I was standing in line for the bathroom and the sixtysomething guy in front of me told me to turn my Blackberry off, to leave my work at the office. I was at Carnegie Hall for the teacher awards for the foundation Felice runs. Before the event there was a dinner at the Trattoria across […]