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Mavis Staples At The Greek

I’ll take you there! She doesn’t tweet. I doubt many people under forty have any idea who she is. But last night, Mavis Staples positively killed at the Greek. She evidenced all the elements that made music the preferred art form of the baby boomers, a religion. It was all about sound, it had nothing […]

James Taylor/Warner Brothers

“52 Ways to Screw an Artist, by Warner Bros. Records” Their maps may suck, but at least they’re honest. Yup, that’s what pisses me off. All the people suing Apple for its iTunes accounting practices, claiming they’ve been screwed. You know Apple, famous for paying late, if at all. Never honoring a deal. Forcing you […]

Rhinofy-After The Gold Rush

I really didn’t know who Neil Young was until he joined Crosby, Stills & Nash. Oh, when he did I recognized his visage from the Buffalo Springfield, and I remembered he released a solo record…like anybody cared? But at the time, Stephen Stills was considered the star. And I love “Country Girl” from “Deja Vu.” […]

Sales Week Ending-9/16/12

1. Dave Matthews Band “Away From The World” Sales this week: 265,961 Debut It sounds like what once was. Before Dave took a detour, trying to become a hitmaker, when hits still mattered. And I do like “Everyday,” but I prefer Dave’s darker material, made from the left of center as opposed to the heart […]