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From: Marc MaronSubject: Hey, heads up Bob- Again, I am glad you are digging the show. I just wanted to tell you when I was forwarded your email and saw that link to the Gallagher episode it panicked me. Only the most recentĀ  50 episodes are available for free download and I see this link […]

Dreese On Retail

"So (the big music chain’s strategy was) not about trying to excite the customer. To extract value from the labels seemed to be the pursuit. In essence, there was a lot of value available because not very much of that value (from the product being sold) was flowing to the artists. (Retailers and labels) would […]

Gallagher On WTF

WTF – Episode 145 – Gallagher Have you got an hour? Nobody has an hour, not even prepubescents scheduled to the max by parents who believe if they don’t get into an Ivy League school their lives will be ruined. But we’ve all got time for greatness. I want you to listen to this podcast. […]


"It ain’t how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward." Rocky Balboa Marc Maron’s podcast was referenced in today’s "New York Times". He’s a comic. I knew his name but was clueless as to what he did until a month or two ago, when I got clued […]