"It ain’t how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward."

Rocky Balboa

Marc Maron’s podcast was referenced in today’s "New York Times". He’s a comic. I knew his name but was clueless as to what he did until a month or two ago, when I got clued into his podcast WTF and ultimately started listening.

He’s done over 200.

200+ podcasts and I wasn’t listening. Most people still aren’t listening. But suddenly, Maron’s got traction.

That’s the kind of dedication you need.

Maron was about to give up, he’d hit a nadir. I’m not sure what motivated him to do the podcast, wherein he interviews comedians, but anybody can have an idea, but not everybody has the perseverance to execute. Usually success comes long after you expect it, when you’re running on fumes, when there are just enough crumbs to keep you going, but everybody else laughs and tells you to give up.

You’ve got to have a vision, you’ve got to believe you can make it.

And this vision and the concomitant desire is more important than talent. Come on, how talented is Madonna? You’ve gotta want it.

Not that you can suck. The highway is littered with delusional people who believe they’re entitled to success, who are still waiting for it.

But some do make it, and they’re rarely overnight successes. Or else they make it and lose it and it’s hard coming back.

I saw Dice at the Pollstar Awards. To say he killed would be an understatement. He went on and on, he was just supposed to intro a winner. But just as he’d get ready to rip open the envelope, he’d keep his routine going, and it was so blue but so right I’ve never forgotten it, I was rooting for his comeback on "Entourage". I’m a believer. And I never got Dice before this.

In this WTF podcast, Dice talks about becoming a target. That’s what happens when you make it, that’s what you’ve got to swallow, that’s what goes with the territory, that’s what I don’t understand about Taylor Swift. You’re playing the victim? You won! Have a sense of humor, the barbs come with the territory!

And we don’t know if Taylor will crash, but Dice did. And how do you march forward?

By applying Rocky Balboa’s philosophy. Everyone thinks it’s about being a winner, taking control of your life, all that self-help b.s. Like if you visualize success, you’ll get it.

What a crock.

Life is about getting knocked around. Being able to separate the bullies from the trustworthy people. Being able to bond with enough people to carry you forward.

It is all about friends.

But your enemies never give up. Because you’ve got what they don’t. And they want to teach you a lesson.

I’m not sure if Dice will come back. Sometimes the public doesn’t let you. The media ignores you. You’re yesterday’s news.

But you can’t give up.

Rocky never gave up.

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