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That’s why no one showed up at the white supremacist march yesterday, they were afraid of pictures, of having their lives ruined. You’re building your reputation online every damn day, and ironically it’s the young who realize this, those who’ve grown up with the prying eyes of the internet, there are cameras everywhere, and if […]


Nobody knows anything. Not only about show business, but politics and finance. This is the story of this generation, how the media missed Trump and so much else. Hip-hop is gigantic, but Drake, the biggest act in the genre, and red-hot Migos, can’t sell every ticket and postpone opening dates for “production issues”… Like they […]

YouTube Music

It’s pretty cool! Lyor says he’s on the side of the artists, if one streaming service wins it will be able to crimp compensation to rightsholders, he says that’s why he took the job at Google. And we can debate Lyor’s motivation all day long, but the end product… Is gonna attract users. It’s personalized. […]

Re-Social Media

If I read one more anti-internet screed I’m gonna EXPLODE! We post to feel connected, it’s the same reason we surf, we want to feel part of a community, the human race, we have an urge to belong, to tell our stories, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT? I’m not condoning the use of our data, nor […]