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It starts with porn. In the sixties and seventies, porn was controlled by a small cabal of producers and distributors. With the advent of the videocassette in the late seventies and early eighties profits went through the roof as a limited number of old and new players controlled the business utilizing professional actors. There began […]

Changes In The Landscape

“Rolling Stone” has some of the best music news on the internet. But now you’ve got to pay for it. Sure, you can go to other sites and get an unlimited plethora, a morass too deep and unwieldy to investigate, but “Rolling Stone” has a limited number of articles, most of them interesting, oftentimes including […]

Priscilla Block

Priscilla Block I’d never heard of this woman before today. But right now she’s got the #1 track on iTunes… WHO? So I started Googling, so far it’s just the country outlets with the story, not even “Billboard” has run one, HitsDailyDouble is silent…but Priscilla Block’s song “Just About Over You” is charting ahead of […]

TikTok Shut Down/Sale

This is a music business issue. Despite the corroded infrastructure of the twentieth first century music business, based on terrestrial radio and a small number of top of the chart records, the best way to reach the target demo, the youth of today, with music, both old and new, is TikTok. We heard about gaming. […]