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Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99

Trailer: 1 Did we need another look at Woodstock ’99? Not really, last year’s HBO movie was sufficient. I imagine some young people might watch this Netflix series for the trainwreck value, to get a peek at what once was, as for older people, aware when the festival took place… I recommend it only […]

The Instagram Fracas

Evolve or die. Every time a tech company capitulates to its audience and rolls back the future it’s a mistake. The best example being Netflix saying it was going to become a streaming company and the hoi polloi bitching that they still needed to rent DVDs by mail. Who’d want to stream movies? Well, despite […]

Protests Don’t Work

Stay home. When you get the clarion call to go to some destination to wield signs and slogans in support of your mission I hope it makes you feel good, because it has no effect on the cause whatsoever. Mass protests in America are all based on those that took place during the Vietnam era. […]

Distribution Is King

Heard from David Pogue recently? Actually he’s still doing some TV work, I read his tweets, but if you’re under the age of 45, you’ve probably never heard of him. But he and Walt Mossberg were the kings of tech reporting… Until Pogue left “The New York Times” for Yahoo Finance, for freedom and money. […]