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Brand New Day

“You can turn the clock to zero honey I’ll sell the stock, we’ll spend all the money We’re starting up a brand new day” Playlist: 1 Sting’s career was in the doldrums. After stunning the populace with the double album “…Nothing Like the Sun,” with not only the classics “Be Still My Beating Heart,” […]

All Of My Heart

“But I hope and I pray that maybe someday You’ll walk in the room with my heart” ABC Spotify – YouTube – 1 I’ve become addicted to Siggi’s coffee yogurt. Those playing the home game know that for years, decades in fact, I was addicted to Dannon coffee yogurt. But in the race […]

Jos̩ Feliciano РFeliz Navidad 50th Anniversary 2020 is the year of the Latin breakthrough. Bad Bunny was Spotify’s most streamed artist of the year. Latin represented 30% of the global YouTube chart. And Latin is growing faster than any other genre. Proving, once again, that technology, distribution, affects the music being heard. Used to be records broke on radio. Now […]

Facebook/Apple Spat

“Facebook Attacks Apple Software Changes in Newspaper Ads”: Your business model is not inviolate. Now let me get this straight… The techies disrupted music, retail, seemingly every walk of life, but when it comes to them disruption is off limits, they must be protected? Who protected MySpace when Facebook disrupted the first big social […]