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Priscilla Block

Priscilla Block I’d never heard of this woman before today. But right now she’s got the #1 track on iTunes… WHO? So I started Googling, so far it’s just the country outlets with the story, not even “Billboard” has run one, HitsDailyDouble is silent…but Priscilla Block’s song “Just About Over You” is charting ahead of […]

TikTok Shut Down/Sale

This is a music business issue. Despite the corroded infrastructure of the twentieth first century music business, based on terrestrial radio and a small number of top of the chart records, the best way to reach the target demo, the youth of today, with music, both old and new, is TikTok. We heard about gaming. […]

Spotify Economics

“Because as Spotify subscription numbers increase, so do payments. So, what DJ Khaled gets for a stream today is more than what Ed Sheeran got in the past.” Ah, the nitpickers are out in force. I hate to interact with them, but I’m wary of misinformation being spread. What I wrote above is loose language, […]


Who is more powerful, Facebook or the people? In the pre-cable era, networks were deathly afraid of advertisers. If only a few people complained, content was changed, no one could be alienated. Now the opposite is true. Major and minor corporations have banded together to get Facebook to police content on its sites. What has […]