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The Twitch Leak

“Twitch Data Leak Confirms The 100 Highest-Paid Streamers”: Don’t get into music for the money. There’s just not that much. Which is another reason why there are no bands, there’s not enough money to go around. Best to cut your track on your computer alone in your bedroom, post it online and see if […]


Elizabeth Holmes said she was too pretty to go to jail. Needless to say, Holmes is on trial as we speak, blaming her heinous behavior on her old boyfriend Sunny Balwani, claiming abuse and ultimately PTSD as she attends Burning Man and galivants around San Francisco as if she had not a care in the […]


The future will be fought on TikTok. Remember when those on the platform, completely off the radar screen, claimed all those tickets for Trump in Oklahoma last summer and didn’t show up? Not a single person in the mainstream media knew it was coming, none of them wrote about it, the intelligentsia WAS OUT TO […]


1 It was a musical turning point. I found out about the attack on the Twin Towers from Kate, she called and invited me to her house to watch TV, we needed to all be together. And then I woke up my computer. It was a Power Mac G4. I’d started with a Mac Plus […]