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Damon Krukowski On Streaming

“How are musicians supposed to survive on $0.00173 per stream?”:  “The Guardian”: This is what I hate about America, it’s all about self-interest, people believe they’re entitled to a living, and the truth is irrelevant. Mr. Krukowski was in the band Galaxie 500. Their albums were released by Rough Trade. Assuming the label gave […]

Authors Equity

“A New Publisher Promises Authors ‘the Lion’s Share of the Profit’ – Authors Equity is tiny but has big industry names behind it. Its founders hope their profit-sharing approach and experience will entice authors.” Free link: Musical artists don’t know how good they have it. After all, they could be AUTHORS! Talk about an […]


The two biggest stories in America today are AI and the Sphere, and neither were in the public consciousness a year ago. Oh that’s not right Bob, what about Taylor Swift, and Gaza? Well, the Israeli/Arab conflict is always simmering, it’s always in the news. As for Taylor Swift… This is not a new story. […]

Universal Publishing Joins TikTok Takedown

I’m on Universal’s side on this. TikTok should pay rightsholders more. But we’ve seen this movie before. As documented in the book “Hit Men,” CBS Records wanted to eliminate the underworld of independent radio promotion. Therefore, it refused to pay. End result, the radio stations played music by acts on the other five major labels […]