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Vaccine Passports

I’m sick and tired of AEG and Live Nation controlling the touring business. And now, to collude on vaccine passports for live shows, that’s positively HEINOUS! I mean talk about jumping the gun, Bonnaroo tickets went on sale yesterday, do these outfits really care about ticket buyers? I’d say not. If they did they’d wait […]

UnitedMasters/Apple/Alphabet/Andreessen Horowitz

There’s nothing here. Today it was announced that Apple invested $50 million in UnitedMasters. That’s like you or me going to 7-11 and buying a Twinkie. This is how the rich get richer, they invest in a zillion companies and if one becomes successful… Same deal with Alphabet and Andreessen Horowitz. You want chump change, […]

Mine Forever

Spotify: YouTube: It’s a cross between Pure Prairie League, New Riders of the Purple Sage and the Grateful Dead. It’s really all about the second Pure Prairie League album, with Craig Fuller’s vocals. At this point, “Falling In and Out of Love” and “Amie” are classics, but the album being released on RCA […]

Do You Play A Musical Instrument?-SiriusXM This Week

Tune in today, March 30th, to Volume 106, 7 PM East, 4 PM West. Phone #: 844-6-VOLUME, 844-686-5863 Twitter: @lefsetz or @siriusxmvolume/#lefsetzlive Hear the episode live on SiriusXM VOLUME: If you miss the episode, you can hear it on demand on the SiriusXM app: