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One thing I love about Irving Azoff, he’ll talk shit about his acts…and himself. I remember during one of his low periods, when Giant/Revolution/Giant was hitless. Irving was assessing his empire and he said “I’ve got a record company worth…something.” Ha! If you can’t laugh at yourself I’ve got very little time for you. Like […]

Olly Murs At House Of Blues

How did everybody know? You can’t hate Olly Murs. Oh, I know you want to. He’s part of the Top Forty juggernaut, another young pip appealing to those who haven’t hit puberty. But let me tell you… Live, there were melodies. Unlike Beyonce, he wasn’t singing to track, nothing was on hard drive, the show […]

Zoe & Amanda Respond

  From: Amanda Palmer Subject: Re: Palmer & Gaiman hey bob thanks for Getting It. you know, i had such struggles marrying neil because of just this kind of imagined criticism freaking me out. love won in the end, and i’ve actually grown so much as a person getting over all that fear of people […]

Alicia Keys To Blackberry

  “BlackBerry goes glam, enlists Alicia Keys” This is the problem with taking a corporate check. It undermines your CREDIBILITY! And next to your music, credibility is the most important thing you’ve got. The manager can get a new client. The salesman can switch products. But the artist is stuck with him or herself. Screw […]