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The Chappelle Kerfuffle

It’s not going to hurt Netflix. Netflix is too big, too desirable, too embedded in people’s lives to be abandoned, to be canceled. In this way it’s like Amazon or Walmart or Facebook. We constantly hear about their deleterious effects, boycotts are initiated, but the enterprise is just too good, it fulfills a need that […]

The Franzen Book

“Crossroads”: This is an incredible piece of work. But not everybody will enjoy it. Because it’s written for a small coterie of industry insiders and Iowa Workshop believers and this makes it a bit difficult to read and is the case with all of the works lauded by these cliques, plot is secondary. But […]

Fantasy Band-Lead Singer-This Week On SiriusXM

Who would you pick to be the lead singer of your fantasy band? Tune in today, October 19th, to Volume 106, 7 PM East, 4 PM West. Phone #: 844-6-VOLUME, 844-686-5863 

Twitter: @lefsetz or @siriusxmvolume/#lefsetzlive

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From: Tom Rush Subject: Re: More Covid Attendance I just played Jorma  Kaukonen’s Fur Peace Ranch in Pomeroy, OH. It was the only one of my 5-in-a-row Midwest shows that was sold out, and I think it had to do with a very smart policy: you buy a ticket, you have a seat, but if […]