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Kesha vs. Dr. Luke

I’m glad Dr. Luke finally spoke up, because every other male in America is afraid to. That’s the country we now live in. One wherein men are guilty until proven innocent and they’re all rapists under their skin, despite even the “New York Times” saying that most rapes are violent crimes perpetrated by the same […]

Bob Ezrin On Kanye West

“Kanye West Is Fixing His Album in Public. You’ll Want to Read the Edits” Kanye in the NYT? WTF??? I feel like opening with “What kind of crazy, fucked up world is it where this guy is considered to be culturally important!!???” But that’s your line. Sure, he made some great music for himself and […]

Do You Have To Lie To Get Ahead?

“Stretching the Truth to Find Online Love” Don’t ask me why I read the weddings. My mother used to, but I skipped that section until they started delivering the “New York Times” daily in SoCal back in the eighties. Now I’m addicted. Really, it’s the Style section entirely. I’m a soft news guy, at least […]

Oh Canada

Missy Higgins – Oh Canada – Spotify This song will bring tears to your eyes, especially if you read along with the lyrics here: Missy Higgins – Oh Canada – Lyrics Inspiration… It hits you when you’re not looking. But it’s this spark that lights the fire of the artist, that results in a creation […]