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Quote Of The Day

"’Going viral is diametrically opposed to building that trust and relationship between a media property and an audience,’ Mr. Louderback said. ‘Brands spend all this time thinking about how to make something go viral when they ought to think about how to create a meaningful relationship.’"To Fix Bad Breath, a Gadget Seen on YouTube Yes, […]

Irving Kills Barry

Barry fucked Malone so Irving used Malone to fuck Barry. Although he’s well compensated, Barry Diller is not the seer "The New Yorker" and the mainstream media make him out to be.  He’s got a ragtag bag of assets over at IAC that yield no synergy to the point where John Malone wanted the business […]

R&RHOF Nominations

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gets the nominations right? How much do we want to complain about this organization run with an iron fist by Jann Wenner who ultimately decides who gets in based on his own tastes and whims.  I […]

Muse At Staples

THE CLASHFINDER Harry Griffiths had flown home from China on a Russian airline and his bags had been lost.  His parents weren’t thrilled that he’d taken this option, but Harry had made it home safely, yet he now had to go shopping for clothes for his visit to Glastonbury, the following day, on the train, […]