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Today’s Covers

Today’s Covers-5/24/20 Playlist “Oh, You Pretty Things” Peter Noone It was Herman’s debut single. Phil May of the Pretty Things died. The band meant little in the U.S. Although I did buy their 1974 album “Silk Torpedo,” because it came out on Swan Song. When we think of labels that could do no wrong, where […]


It’s time for you to get on. Oh, I know, you’ve heard it’s too complicated, that it doesn’t really matter, you don’t need another social media network. But forget about all that. Twitter is the heartbeat of America. Actually, it’s the heartbeat of the world. And you do want to know what is going on, […]

Hidden Valley Road

Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family This book is utterly astounding. Turns out book sales are down in the Covid-19 era. Digital more than physical. Seems inexplicable to me, then again, readers are a subset of the public, which may explain the adherence to the physical. However, those who do not […]

The Election

Trump has no intention of leaving. Every day I’m inundated with info from those on the left decrying Trump’s behavior. Hell, even today he refused to wear a mask at the Ford plant. Tune in Rachel Maddow as she scowls at the insanity. She’s positively right, but she cannot see the big picture. Trump ain’t […]