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Moon Martin

He must’ve had a bad case of something. Music has turned into news. There’s no filter, no trusted authority. There’s an endless firehose of material and no one can be trusted to separate the noteworthy from that which should be ignored. But that’s not the way it used to be. It was very simple…did you […]

Colrado Songs-SiriusXM This Week

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News Update

“The American ideology, on the left and the right, that props up inequality” The problem is us. This is the most important article you will read this week, assuming you read it at all. If I sent it to you personally, if you were the only one getting it, I know you’d at least skim […]

Today’s Covers

Today’s Covers-5/24/20 Playlist “Oh, You Pretty Things” Peter Noone It was Herman’s debut single. Phil May of the Pretty Things died. The band meant little in the U.S. Although I did buy their 1974 album “Silk Torpedo,” because it came out on Swan Song. When we think of labels that could do no wrong, where […]