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I don’t want to change the world I don’t want the world to change me I’m surprised so much hell is being raised over the death of Lemmy Kilmister. Could it be that he’s one of the few authentic rock stars left, who’s doesn’t care what you think, who’s doing it for himself? I think […]


You’ve just got to make it to January 1st. “Guess who died?” That’s how my father would wake up my mother most mornings. A notoriously late sleeper, my mom was the opposite of my eager beaver dad, who’d already been out buying donuts while the rest of were still under the covers. And having perused […]

What You’ve Got To Know

1. Try to be great. In a world of overwhelming incompetence, where everybody’s vying for attention, we seek and glom on to great, and tell everybody we know about it. Unfortunately, because of the plethora of information great does not ascend to the top of the totem pole instantly anymore, but it’s the first step […]

You Never Give Me Your Money

“Abbey Road” is not my favorite Beatles album. But “You Never Give Me Your Money” is my favorite track on it. By 1969 the Beatles had ascended to the superstar status they deserved, far beyond competitors like the Rolling Stones, never mind the American groups. I know that sounds funny, after breaking on to the […]