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Inside Man

Are you watching this? Jake texted me about it, I immediately went to Rotten Tomatoes. The numbers were less than 80, not by a minor amount, so…I wrote it down, but did not put it at the top of the list. But last night, wanting to start a new show, I pulled up “Endeavour,” which […]

Everything Is A Cult

The casual listener is dead. The best analogy is television. Boomers will remember when you watched what was on, even changing channels was a big deal, you had to get up off the couch before the remote. And then came the remote and ultimately cable TV, with its plethora of channels. But recording was still […]

Netflix Ad-Supported Tier

The problem with Netflix isn’t the price, but the content! Man do they have it wrong. In a world with a plethora of streaming options, one is ready to cancel any at a whim if there is not programming they want to see. Don’t tell me about dripping out product… No way I’m subscribing to […]

Ramy-Season 3

There’s no buzz. That used to be the mark of success, whether people were talking about it. You could feel it, it was palpable, you had to investigate, check it out. Now almost nothing has sustained buzz. You’re foraging by yourself, deciding whether to dip in or not. Sure, there might be hype at the […]