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Better Call Saul

They’re never gonna let you be a member of the club. What did they say in school, your mistake is gonna go on your permanent record? I binged “Breaking Bad.” I checked out an episode when the mania hit, after it was on Netflix, and I didn’t get it. I still think “The Sopranos” is […]

Oscar Ratings Tank

“TV Ratings: Oscars Fall to All-Time Lows” I didn’t watch. Who needs to see a throng of self-important lefties revel in their fabulousness while they promote their fatuous work? Yes folks, movies have become baseball in a land of football that is being challenged by soccer. In other words, the theatrical experience doesn’t hold a […]

The Super Bowl

Rule number one… You don’t let the opening act upstage you. We know J.Lo can’t sing, but we always thought she was a fly dancer. But Shakira trumped her on both counts, if I was J.Lo’s manager, I’d be hiding. The Super Bowl wasn’t so super until Joe Namath and the Jets beat the Colts […]

Curb Your Enthusiasm

We live in a world where we can no longer do or say as we choose. Because of the blowback. Play online, say something, have an opinion and you’ll be inundated with naysayers. God help you if you do cross the line, you can apologize but you’ll be branded forever. And you think you’re a […]