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“Clark” On Netflix

Trailer: I’ve succumbed to the Netflix algorithm. What I mean by that is I’m investigating the service’s suggestions, which I always pooh-poohed. I seem to have seen all the low-hanging fruit, the best rated TV series of all time. I’m always hoovering for more, and it isn’t an easy job, I need something that […]


From: Andy Gould Subject: Re: Sweet Sounds Of Heaven Well said Bob, having heard the track 9 times, I think I now believe in time travel just for 7 and a half minutes I was back on the floor of my first flat (apartment ) reading liner notes and getting lost in the music and […]

Class Act (And Thicker Than Water)

“Class Act”: “Thicker Than Water”: I can’t wait to finish “Thicker Than Water” tonight, which is funny, because I almost gave up on it. It’s not much of a commitment, about eight half hours, but it seemed somewhat contrived and predictable, and then it didn’t. You know something is good when you think […]


Trailer: This is the Polish series on Netflix that I referenced. It is not the slam dunk of “Silk,” then again although it’s got classic genre underpinnings, i.e. woman wants to choose her own life, it’s really quite different. What we’ve got here is Romani people. In case you missed the memo, these are […]