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The Valhalla Murders

The biggest story in TV this week is “The Tiger King,” the seven part Netflix documentary that might look unappealing if you’re not a big cat aficionado, but the people are so whacked, you cannot take your eyes off it. The funniest thing is this was all happening under our noses and we were unaware […]


This show is FABULOUS! I wish I could recommend comedies, but despite the lack of recognition, comedy is much harder to do than drama and I just can’t find streaming comedies in the league of these exquisite dramas. I don’t want network fare on Netflix, I don’t need no “Kominsky Method” or “Grace and Frankie,” […]

The Kushner Documentary On Netflix

Now we know why the underclass voted for Trump. You’ve got time on your hands, fire this up. Log in to Netflix and then click on “Dirty Money” and then click on “Slumlord Millionaire.” Watch and you’ll think the system is rigged against you. And it is. The mistake Jared Kushner made was to marry […]

The Stranger

I turned on Netflix and found out there was a third season of “Babylon Berlin.” I didn’t even know there was a second! Used to be you didn’t know a band was playing in town, then you didn’t know they put out a new album. Do you realize James Taylor released his covers album last […]