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The Sopranos

Now the criminals are techies. They hide in plain sight and get a pass from the government, because with billions of dollars they define the game. Like the Mafia used to, with a lot less cash. I was just watching the episode where Adriana gets whacked. Christopher leaves her T-Bird in long term parking at […]

Springsteen On Broadway On Netflix

This is an endurance test. If you can make it through, you’re probably a superfan, but many superfans won’t. Netflix won’t be promoting how many people made it to the end of this show. Because it’s theatre, it’s music, and neither has ever translated to the flat screen. But you should watch it. It embodies […]

The Bird Box Phenomenon

In case you missed the memo, and unless you’re addicted to entertainment industry news you probably did, Netflix just announced its movie “Bird Box” was viewed by 45 million accounts and pundits can’t stop questioning the figure, the methodology, the meaning… But it’s very clear, distribution is king. I posit most people were unaware of […]

The Kennedy Center Honors

If I could turn back time, I wouldn’t watch this show. Welcome to the twenty first century, where old media has not caught up with new. First and foremost, special events must be televised live, or we don’t care. You see we read all about these events after they’re recorded and before they air, there […]