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Netflix: Occupied_Trailer When the revolution comes, which side will you be on? Even more interesting, which side WERE you on? This is the story of billionaires, this is the story of impeachment. Now I believe if a Democrat wins the Presidency all hell will break loose, the Trumpers will not accept it. And in a […]

Bernie Sanders On Hasan Minhaj

I want to know what’s going on. I’ve gotten “The New York Times” since junior high, but I only started reading it cover to cover at the turn of the century. I was visiting my sister Wendy in Minnesota and I had the time and ever since then…I haven’t missed a day, of not only […]

The Great Depresh

The Great Depresh Do you fit in? Do you ever feel lonely? Do you get depressed? In our world you must be a winner. And, amazingly, some of the biggest self-professed winners are the trolls on the internet, they’ve got no friends, they think if they yell loud enough they will count and people will […]

Eddie Murphy On Saturday Night Live

“I’m Gumby, DAMMIT!” What kind of crazy fucked-up world do we live in where SNL has its best show in decades? One in which Eddie Murphy comes back to Rockefeller Center to exhibit his talent and blow the rest of the cast away. Of course I wasn’t gonna watch this. I was convincing Felice to […]