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The Emmy Ratings Drop

Viewers 2013-2020 2013: 18 million 2014: 16 mm 2015: 12 mm 2016: 11 mm 2017: 11 mm 2018: 10 mm 2019: 7 mm 2020: 6 mm Twitter You can’t say nobody was home, that there was competition for the flat screen. The truth is we live in an on demand culture and awards shows are […]

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma | Official Trailer | Netflix Distribution is king. Always was and always will be. You want your work on the most available platform, the one with the most eyeballs. And presently that is Netflix. The purveyance of art used to be based on scarcity. There was only so much, so you could […]


From: Martha Quinn Subject: MTV Documentary Hi Bob! I hope this email finds you safe and well. Thank you for the kind words in your piece regarding the MTV documentary. I’ve not seen the doc yet but you mention it’s the viewpoint from inside the belly of the beast. For the sequel I’d love to […]

The A Word

We just started watching “Borgen.” I know, I know, it’s an old show, but it’s new to me. Jason Hirschhorn hipped me to the fact that it was finally on Netflix. Oh, I was aware of it, but I’m not buying a TV show, I’m on strike, we already subscribe to too many TV services. […]