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More Chappelle

This is hysterical! My inbox is blowing up! I don’t get anywhere near this amount of response when I write about music. As George Drakoulias said to me on the Staples Center floor, he used to argue about records, not anymore. How did the cultural zeitgeist switch so much? Did music let us down or […]

The Chappelle Kerfuffle

It’s not going to hurt Netflix. Netflix is too big, too desirable, too embedded in people’s lives to be abandoned, to be canceled. In this way it’s like Amazon or Walmart or Facebook. We constantly hear about their deleterious effects, boycotts are initiated, but the enterprise is just too good, it fulfills a need that […]

Best Series On Amazon Prime-In Order

A. This includes platforms subscribed to via Amazon Prime, like Acorn, BritBox and MHz Choice. B. This is a first pass, the rankings are fluid. C. Reviews do their best to reveal as few plot points as possible. D. Foreign shows should be watched with subtitles. It’s easy to go into the settings and choose […]

Goliath-Season 4

1 The cinematography is a 10. Billy Bob Thornton may be an anorexic weirdo, but he’s one of America’s best actors. Nina Arianda is about as good as Billy Bob, she deserves to be hired ad infinitum in Hollywood, she proves that being in the gossip columns has got nothing to do with talent. But […]