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The Motley Crue Movie

It’s stupid, but you can’t turn it off. There’s a backlash against this flick. From people who weren’t there the first time and wouldn’t be there if this era ever came back, even though it can’t. You see the Sunset Strip was populated by castoffs, those not wanted, those who didn’t fit in, not Ivy […]

The Theranos Movie

You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one “Imagine” John Lennon People are full of shit. But not everyone. My father was a skeptic. If someone told a story too good to be true, he pointed it out. I’m my father’s son. Where has that left me? Oftentimes out of the […]

Dating Around

They’ve broken the system. We used to get it, there was a ladder to the top, a room where everybody was inside doing dope with the cool people. If you wanted to make it, you knew how to do it. But not anymore. Not that the media has been alerted. The media keeps going on […]

Better Things

We want to see ourselves. For all the reality television, there’s very little truth, very little real, it’s all edited to make people look much worse or better, for drama. And this has infected the internet and normal conversation too. People only project their best selves on Instagram, for fear they’ll misstep and become Jerry […]