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Netflix Numbers

They’re killing the golden goose. Because price matters. Otherwise everybody would use an iPhone and a Mac, but Netflix is not a premium product, it can’t win appealing to a sliver of the public, it needs all of it. This is how the publishing industry killed digital books. Despite the hosannas of boomers boasting that […]

The Emmy Nominations

It’s a race to quality, driven by technology, why haven’t we had a concomitant race in music? Music is far ahead of television technologically, the disruption has already happened and you can get the history of recorded music at a number of outlets, i.e. Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Deezer… But the music being purveyed is absolutely […]

Love Island

This should be the television hit of the summer. My only anxiety is the five night a week stripping (as in TV, not clothing, but that will happen too) and the practice of U.S. television to focus on the surface as opposed to the essence. This is not about who is the best-looking, this is […]

The Society

THE SOCIETY Official Trailer I never read “Lord of the Flies.” That’s high school, you try not to read what you ultimately wish you had. All those books they make movies on, by Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, you wanted to avoid those in high school, actually, at my high school you didn’t even have to […]