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I guess you had to be there. For the mind-set. The sixties were cruising along as an extension of the fifties and then came the Beatles. They didn’t do it to become rich and famous, their goal was to stay off the factory floor as long as possible. These were not the sons and daughters […]

The Queen’s Gambit

I thought it was real. I know, I know, that’s ridiculous, but otherwise why make a movie about a female chess prodigy with such a harrowed background? I’ve got no time for chess. We all started with checkers, had no idea what the back of the board was all about until the backgammon craze of […]


What the hell was she doing on SNL? She’s the biggest act in the world. Bigger than Drake, bigger than Taylor Swift, bigger than ANYBODY! Maybe because she goes away, she’s not working it all the time, maybe because she has hits, in a genre almost everyone has forgotten about, straight ahead pop, sans the […]

The Trial Of The Chicago 7

It’s not exactly how I remember it. Then again, I lived through it, and most of America did not. So they’ve got no idea what the sixties were really like, everything was up for grabs, even the country itself. And the funny thing is just like fifty years ago, the oldsters are completely out of […]