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I thought I was never going to have sex again. Funny how out of town you’ll do shit that you wouldn’t THINK of doing at home.  Ribfest?  SURE! There’s some back story here, which I can’t remember.  Lewi was going on about this, how it’s a Clear Channel production, but I’m not into sideshow, I’m […]

Bryan Adams + Def Leppard In St. Paul

  1 I felt sorry for Bryan Adams.  He had to go on first, during the daytime, he had to warm up the crowd. The layperson thinks it’s effortless.  That you make it and then it’s clear sailing.  But you’ve got to sing for your supper every night.  You’ve got to deliver every night.  You’ve […]


How long til Sanctuary goes out of business? My inside mole told me they were two hundred million in the hole.  In the limo I forgot to ask him whether he meant dollars or pounds, but in either event, that’s a lot of debt.  Especially when you’ve got little guaranteed income. Oh, they’ve got a […]

Sweet Liberty

In the cab on the way to the airport I realized how ugly L.A. is.  It’s like sixties mall culture gone haywire.  Endless mini-malls with signage insuring you just can’t miss the unnecessary product the proprietors are purveying. Then again, the landscape had nothing on the people at LAX.  Remember when your dad used to […]