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Corporations Push Back Against Voting Laws

I guess corporations really are people. Or at least more powerful than people. And government too while we’re at it. This is a sea change. Used to be government told corporations what to do, and people agitated and protested for change. But people have lost their individual power since the advent of the internet and […]

Shtisel-Season 3-Four Episodes In

NOTE: DO NOT EMAIL ME WITH WHAT HAPPENS AFTER EPISODE 4. AS FOR SPOILERS BELOW, REALLY THERE ARE NONE. We don’t make shows like this in America. In America, your problems are always secondary. You’re told to be thankful that you’re one of the haves as opposed to the have-nots. Lucky you were born in […]

The Hamantashen I don’t like cakey cookies. Lisa waxes rhapsodic about black and whites. I’ve got no interest, if I’m eating a cookie I want chocolate, I want richness, I want to be titillated, I want to smile with satisfaction, I want to be reminded of a continuum of cookies all the way from the past […]

The Caramel Macchiato Bar

Caramel Macchiato Flavor Why does everything taste better with coffee? I was at the Burton U.S. Open and in the village, there’s always a sponsor village at sporting events catering to the younger generation, there was a Clif Bar booth. I cannot resist free food. I also cannot throw out food. Yes, I grew up […]