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Re: Rubberband Man! Bob, The Spinners’ immortal song, “Rubberband Man,” has a special place in the history of Ben & Jerry’s.  On the last day of September in 1978, after surviving our first summer in business, Ben and I hosted a “Fall Down Festival” in front of our original scoop shop in Burlington Vermont.  By far, the […]


From: Fred Lager Re: Americone Dream/Cherry Garcia Bob, Cherry Garcia was suggested to us by an anonymous postcard from two Dead heads in Portland, Maine. “You know it will sell,” they wrote, “because Dead paraphernalia always sells. We are talking good business sense here, plus it will be a real hoot for the fans.”  The flavor was […]

Re-Americone Dream/Ice Cream

Carvel closed for winter and opened every year on my birthday!! (3/15) My sister Jill P.S. Also the Ben and Jerry’s seconds shop in Manchester . Never knew what you were going to get ____________________________________ How can I not weigh in? You may recall my birthday party where I had ice cream flown in. When […]

Americone Dream I couldn’t stop eating it. I know Ben & Jerry’s is caught up in a political kerfuffle, I know Ben & Jerry don’t run the company anymore, that actually it’s part of Unilever, which squeezed Ben & Jerry to sell just like Amazon did to, but that does not mean I’ve stopped eating […]