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The Potato Chip

We had the Wise owl. The commercial is probably somewhere on YouTube. I remember seeing it on Saturday morning, during cartoons, Wise was the potato chip of choice. And it came in a bag with said owl and blue coloring. Do they still make Wise? I hope so, I’d like some, you see… Back then […]

The Cod Cakes

Felice is into delivery services. It started a few years back with something called “The Fresh Diet.” Little containerized portions of food, you were guaranteed to lose weight, and possibly swear off food all together, that’s how bad the taste was. Since they delivered every day, and sometimes we went out to eat, there were […]


It was a badge of honor to see a band on its first tour. I can regale you with stories of Elvis Costello at the Whisky, Oasis at the Roxy, back when you started small and grew, when music drove the culture and record companies signed you based on the music more than the commercial […]

Siggi’s Triple Cream

This stuff is like crack. I was not enamored of the Siggi’s Skyr Felice purchased. It reminded me of the yogurt of the early sixties, when it was a health food, before all the added sugar and pasteurization, it was not exactly sweet and not exactly bitter but not exactly satisfying. But the nutritionist said […]