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We’re here for a hundredth birthday concert for Henry Mancini. L’Aquila is somewhere between one and two hours from Rome, depending on the traffic. It’s in the Apennine mountains. (You remember them from elementary school, right? Well, I remembered they were in Italy, but I couldn’t have picked them out on a map, nor did […]


If you like Carbonara get the traditional type made with Guanciale instead of bacon or pancetta. Spaghetti Guanciale Pepper Salt Peppered pecorino cheese egg Yolk (NO CREAM) Created in 1944 Rome Italy Val Garay ___________________________________ The trick of the Trevi: Go early and if you cant, go to the benetton and go upstairs in the […]


Well I guess you can’t trust the wisdom of TikTok. Waiting for our room to be ready, I surfed the social network looking for eats. We wanted something quick, as most of the day had already slipped away. The most popular, the most talked about place was called Trapizzino. One after another TikTokker raved. To […]

The Gary Gulman Comedy Special

Trailer: “Born on Third Base”: On Max. Does that mean you’re unaware of it? The battle is over and Netflix won, which is why other streaming outlets are licensing content to the behemoth once again. We live in an attention economy, and that’s the most difficult thing to do, get someone’s attention. And distribution […]