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The Coachella Backlash

Watch this: You may never go on TikTok, you may not even have an account, but the target demo does, you know, the impressionable youngsters with disposable income. They don’t bother with Instagram, they never had a Facebook account, as far as the mainstream media goes…that’s something oldsters argue about, if anything important happens, […]

It’s Overwhelming

The world is falling apart. Maybe physically, with climate change. Maybe politically, with the rise of authoritarianism. But I’m talking emotionally. There is too much information and no center. People aren’t sure where they belong anymore. Sure, there’s a crisis of misinformation, mostly fostered online. But once you get past the effects of said falsehoods, […]

Joyfull Parmesan Crisps I’m sick of the food I’m eating. We get it all via Instacart, no grocery stores for me! And even though we buy most of our food from Gelson’s, after eighteen months at home I’m burned out on essentially everything they sell. I’ve eaten so many Siggi’s yogurt/skyr that I just can’t eat them […]


Re: Rubberband Man! Bob, The Spinners’ immortal song, “Rubberband Man,” has a special place in the history of Ben & Jerry’s.  On the last day of September in 1978, after surviving our first summer in business, Ben and I hosted a “Fall Down Festival” in front of our original scoop shop in Burlington Vermont.  By far, the […]