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The Hair Farmers

The only people who know how to party harder than Canadians are Australians. Greetings from Whistler, Canada. Where your money goes far and the hills are long. And from the moment I got here, Andy has told me I need to see the Hair Farmers. Hmm… You know we insiders, we can go hear live […]

The Apple Keynote

Apple built its business on being late to the market but better. Starting with CD burners and iTunes, then the iPod and iPhone. All had predecessors, all worked better than they did. Furthermore, Apple worked best when it was a de facto monopoly. Like with the iPod and then the initial years of the iPhone. […]

The Mueller Report

It doesn’t matter. It’s kinda like hip-hop. You either love it or hate it and there’s no track that’s gonna change your mind. That’s America in 2019. Polarized. But it’s even worse, not only are we on two sides, we can’t even agree on the rules. One side watches Fox and reads Breitbart and the […]

Def Leppard On Howard Stern

They sounded like a garage band. And I mean that as a compliment. I was listening to Joe Elliott tell stories of hanging with Bono and Bowie, that his favorite song was “All The Young Dudes,” and then the band fired up and played “Ziggy Stardust.” That’s not the track that remains, not the one […]