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New Covid

I was just talking to an English musician who is afraid to go on the road. Covid is raging, people aren’t wearing masks and he doesn’t trust the government. Which has pooh-poohed and botched the Covid response: “Covid: UK’s early response worst public health failure ever, MPs say”: As you will remember, it was […]

More Chappelle

This is hysterical! My inbox is blowing up! I don’t get anywhere near this amount of response when I write about music. As George Drakoulias said to me on the Staples Center floor, he used to argue about records, not anymore. How did the cultural zeitgeist switch so much? Did music let us down or […]

The Chappelle Kerfuffle

It’s not going to hurt Netflix. Netflix is too big, too desirable, too embedded in people’s lives to be abandoned, to be canceled. In this way it’s like Amazon or Walmart or Facebook. We constantly hear about their deleterious effects, boycotts are initiated, but the enterprise is just too good, it fulfills a need that […]

Covid Attendance

The old people aren’t going. We live in an era of data transparency, just check availability of seats for boomer shows om Ticketmaster, they’re plentiful. They may be expensive, but in the old days the gigs went clean, now they don’t. It’s unclear what is happening in Covid world. Infections are going down in most […]