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The Supreme Court Decision

They’re gonna take away your guns! They’re gonna turn your kids into homosexuals, even worse they might end up being trans! These are the tropes the right runs on again and again. Tiny issues, usually social issues, that they blow up to obscure the real issues, which are often to the detriment of their constituents, […]

Can You Live With A Lie?

We’re watching this show “The Journalist,” on Netflix. It’s Japanese, watch with subtitles, it’ll rivet you, not that it’s fast-paced, but your mind won’t be drifting, you’ll be paying attention. And what we’ve got here is a lying Prime Minister. Caught in action, self-dealing. And at first the administration evades the issue, and then the […]

1/6 Hearings

Conventional wisdom is they’re irrelevant, that they have no impact, cannot reach core Republicans, but that is plain wrong. This is a lesson in media most performers have not learned, even studios have not learned, even TV streaming outlets have not learned. It’s not about dripping out episodes once a week so people don’t cancel, […]


I paid $7.13 a gallon. Actually, the sticker price was $7.15, but I got a two cent discount for using my 76 card. I might have gotten a few cents more if I used the app, but every time I’ve tried there’s been a hurdle I couldn’t jump. Like my PIN. I mean really, how […]