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L.A. Locks Down

“The new order, which will be in effect until at least Dec. 20, advises residents to stay at  home as much as possible, always wear a covering outside the home, and prohibits all public and private gatherings except for constitutionally-protected church services and protests. What, are they going to pray the virus away? You’ve […]


From: Alyssa Garcia Subject: Covid and touring crews Hey Bob, I’ve been receiving your emails for about a decade. I had a music industry teacher in college recommend I sign up. He would actually read a lot of your letters in class. I ended up dropping out of school early when the opportunity to tour […]

The Soft Coup

Stop depending on the rule of law. We’re in an endless loop. The left keeps depending on the system, and the right rigs the system and then the left is positively STUNNED when things don’t work out its way. Were there any consequences for DeJoy slowing down the mail? Of course not, he just stonewalled, […]

Even More Covid

I am the mayor of Prince Edward County (PEC), a small municipality in eastern Ontario with a permanent population of 25,000. Our community is blessed with a vibrant winery and ecotourism economy as well as a rich historical and agricultural heritage, and 800 KM of Lake Ontario shoreline that includes some of the most notable […]