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The Debate

OK Boomer! Now that was a waste of time. I bet more people sat through Sondland than this dreary, mostly self-congratulatory so-called debate. It is not business as usual. Trump has proven that. So what do the Democrats say, what does the establishment say, what does the media say? Let’s go back to the old […]


I’m not sure whether this works or not. Not quite a year ago, before the circus began, I said that if Bloomberg ran, he’d win. But he didn’t, run that is. That surprised me, since you don’t become a billionaire, certainly on Wall Street, without an ego. Didn’t he have the law changed so he […]

The Debate

What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where Bernie Sanders has a heart attack and comes back stronger than ever? One in which Elizabeth Warren is busy snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The best line of the night? When Bernie said what the people want, that 71% want Medicare For […]


The Democrats are so dumb. They let the Republicans define the debate. Now the offender is California. It’s an uninhabitable wasteland filled with homeless that has no affordable housing. Taxes are high and the state is about to crater. THEN WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE LIVING HERE? The homeless problem is a national one. Tracing […]