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From: Peter Wiley Subject: Spotify Discovery Mode Hi Bob, thought this Tweet thread was a solid (and concise) look at Spotify’s Discovery Mode. I work for a label distributed via Sony’s Orchard and Sony will not participate in DM, nor allow any of it’s subsidiaries to opt in. There’s a real concern that their unilateral […]

The Trump Indictment

And the right defines the debate once again. I’ve got to ask you, when was the last time the Democrats put the fear of God into the heart of the Republicans? Not in DECADES! So let me get this straight. A student breaks a window in high school, they’re called to the principal’s office and […]

Depositors Rescued

“US regulators bail out SVB customers, who can access all their money Monday”: This is why people have no faith in the government. This is why Trump got elected. The rank and file were pissed, and they wanted to upset the apple cart. Meanwhile, the GOP brass has ceded the entire party to Trump […]

Noa Tishby-This Week’s Podcast

Actor, singer, producer Noa Tishby is the author of the must-read book “Israel: A Simple Guide to the Most Misunderstood Country on Earth.” We start off talking about Israel and antisemitism, but we ultimately delve into Noa’s upbringing in Israel, her move to Los Angeles and the events that made her decide to become an […]