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Trump Controls The Narrative

“When asked if he would make the decision to loosen social distancing recommendations even if it went against the advice of federal public health officials, Trump said: ‘If it was up to the doctors they might say shut down the entire world.’” “‘We haven’t yet even seen signs that the growth is slowing, much less […]

Biden Surges

That’s how much people hate Trump. This reminds me of the record companies suing Napster. Of course music shouldn’t be free, it took a while, but they shut Napster down. And then KaZaA and lockers appeared and harmony did not reign until the advent of Spotify. Once again, music is the canary in the coal […]


How many anti-Trump voters are there? Turns out this primary season was not about the candidates, but Trump. And after the marginal candidates dropped out, after Biden exceeded expectations in South Carolina, the mainstream media spread fear and most Democratic primary voters lined up behind Biden. This has got nothing to do with what Biden […]

The Generation Gap

“in the seven states where polls have closed so far, Sanders has led by a median 37 points among 17-to-29-year olds and 20 points among 30-to-44 year olds. But Biden has led by 24 among 45-to-64-year olds and by 33 among seniors.” “Stark generational divide appears in early exit polls” It appears Joe Biden is […]