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How’d he go from zero to hero overnight? Identity, credibility, owning his viewpoints and expressing them. Sound like a rock star? That’s what they used to have before everybody wanted to be a brand, when the penumbra became more important than the music. The identity… You practiced, you didn’t emerge out of nowhere fully-formed. Duane […]

The Mueller Report

It doesn’t matter. It’s kinda like hip-hop. You either love it or hate it and there’s no track that’s gonna change your mind. That’s America in 2019. Polarized. But it’s even worse, not only are we on two sides, we can’t even agree on the rules. One side watches Fox and reads Breitbart and the […]


He’s following the Jimmy Carter playbook. And Carter may be the best ex-President as opposed to one in office, but one thing’s for sure, he won. We underestimate winning. It’s a long road to the top if you wanna rock and roll and AC/DC lit up bars throughout Australia before they shook the world years […]

The New Yorker Story

“The Making Of The Fox News White House-Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda?” Is changing the perception of Fox News. There’s a divide in this country, and I wouldn’t put us past a civil war if Trump gets trounced in the next election. Bill Maher’s been saying that the Donald […]