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I Give Up

Last night I listened to Sean Hannity. I’d been hiking, listening to the “Daily” from the “New York Times” and the “Daily 202” from the “Washington Post.” The “Daily 202” is better. It’s shorter. It’s one big idea, plus a few short riffs every weekday. And it’s only as long as there’s information. As in […]

The Dangerous Ones

Cellar Sessions: Kasey Anderson – The Dangerous Ones August 8th, 2018 City Winery New York This is what is wrong with the mainstream music business. A song like this cannot get signed, cannot be promoted, it does not fall within the strictures, the boundaries of the “hit” music business, and therefore it is ignored. It […]

What’s Coming

Trump’s not gonna lose. Either he’s going to declare victory or drop out of the race. Over the weekend Fox News floated a trial balloon. They said there was GOP discussion about Trump not running, and then Hannity got into it too. If you read further, you realized there were essentially no facts, no one […]


Which came first, Trump or the internet? Once again, music was the canary in the coal mine for digital disruption. Music has been disrupted, we’re at the end of the line of technology, we’ve got an on demand system where you can get everything in the history of recorded music for one low price. (As […]