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NYT Endorses Warren and Klobuchar

The Democrats’ Best Choices for President You can’t have it both ways. The story of the twenty first century has been disruption. New companies aligned with the future eating the lunch of the old established operations who are asleep, super-serving their usual customers and believing in gradual change. The definitive take on this is by […]

Tuesday’s Debate

You probably didn’t watch it. That’s the story of the social media age, we’re all in our own cocoons, and we get the news via absorption as opposed to first hand. The younger generation does not read the newspaper, certainly not the physical one, but the headlines do appear in their feeds, they get a […]


It was personal. We’re watching this Norwegian series on Netflix. It’s entitled “Occupied.” Because of an energy crisis, Russia ultimately infiltrates Norway. And there are a lot of parallels to today’s world. Like the rule of law. Once you throw it out, everything implodes. Once you use illegal information to convict someone, what is the […]

Bernie Sanders On Hasan Minhaj

I want to know what’s going on. I’ve gotten “The New York Times” since junior high, but I only started reading it cover to cover at the turn of the century. I was visiting my sister Wendy in Minnesota and I had the time and ever since then…I haven’t missed a day, of not only […]