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The 2nd Republican Debate

1 You can’t be bigger than the Beatles by imitating the Beatles. There was only one Beatles, we haven’t seen an act that big, with that kind of impact, since. Their music will maintain whereas the rest of the British Invasion has almost already disappeared. I loved “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter.” “I’m […]

Mitch Freezes Again This is why we can’t have octogenarians, never mind nonagenarians, running the country. But oh yeah, you can’t say that. It’s elder abuse. Why is it everybody in America feels entitled to play at a professional level in every endeavor they choose for their entire life? If you’re five foot two, you can’t play […]

The Oliver Anthony Response Video

“It’s a pleasure to meet you – Part 2”: This is the most rock and roll thing I’ve seen any white man do in the Spotify/social media era. It reeks of the Bob Dylan/Neil Young era of yore. However, both of them never saw a need to explain themselves. Dylan went on record he […]

The Republican Debate

We’re doing this again? I watched so you don’t have to. Well, an hour anyway. I couldn’t take any more, and I doubt the rest of the viewers could either. And here’s what I’ve got to tell you… Chris Christie is toast. He’s the Mike Bloomberg of the Republican party. A theoretical force until you […]