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The Color Revolution

What? I hadn’t heard about it until this morning, but my inbox is filling up with references to it and one Norm Eisen, a name that will draw a blank with most people not part of the Murdoch bubble. This is Saul Alinsky all over again, a man almost no Democrat had ever heard of […]

The Narrative

The only Democrat on the right page is Hillary Clinton, and she’s not backing down. She told Joe Biden not to CONCEDE! At least one person learned the lesson of 2016. That Trump fights dirty and will do anything to win and if he doesn’t win he will still say he won. End of story. […]


And I thought the battle wasn’t supposed to start until AFTER the election! The best political piece I read this weekend was by Margaret Sullivan, in the “Washington Post”: “Fact-checking Trump’s lies is essential. It’s also increasingly fruitless” You’re waiting for truth to save you. The system. But that would assume we were living in […]

Cardi B

She’s not afraid to play Trump’s game. Unlike the Democrats. They’ve been so busy playing it up the middle, afraid to have an edge, that they’re at risk of losing. Not that you can say that, because the groupthink posse will come and excoriate you. You probably don’t have a profile. But if you do, […]