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They used to dominate the music landscape. People who were the “other,” who seemed to march to a different drummer, whose values were different from those of the rat race. Like Woody Guthrie. Like Bob Dylan. Like the Rolling Stones. Sure, eventually the Stones became members of the glitterati, but we laughed about it, how […]


Corporations are the enemy. I would have expected this message to come from the arts first. But the arts have been infiltrated like PBS. Whether it be corporations supporting that which the public does not, or musicians sucking up to the man to get paid. But AOC doesn’t get paid. She was a bartender before. […]

The Power Of Speech & Identity

What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where Michelle Obama gets the biggest ovation at the Grammys? One in which Beto O’Rourke holds a counter-rally to the President in his hometown of El Paso and makes you believe, despite lacking charisma and a stage-ready voice. That’s the power of identity, that’s the […]

Bezos/National Enquirer

Don’t put anything in writing. Because then you have plausible deniability. One thing about Trump, he’s proven to be surrounded by third-rate attorneys who are really henchmen, lawyers that would be disbarred if their activities ever came to light. And now we have Dylan Howard and Jon Fine of American Media extorting Jeff Bezos in […]