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Letters Home

I’ve got three things on my mind.  A television show, a book and a record. CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Larry’s a repentant dick.  Jerry’s a comic who walked away and married someone else’s wife and hasn’t been as funny since.  Until last Sunday night. This season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is different.  Larry’s pushing it further, […]

Flash Sales

Felice is hooked on In today’s "Wall Street Journal" it is revealed that Saks Fifth Avenue, arbiter and seller of first line, high-priced wares, is going into competition with RueLala, and and  In other words, Saks is going to sell out of season, oftentimes one year old, yet fully desirable merchandise, at […]


Ten cents to own the right to a permanent stream at 32kbps within cell range on your iPhone? Why don’t you charge me a nickel to see one hazy picture of a porn star clothed? You’ve got to get over this per track nonsense.  The money is in the bundle.  Otherwise, HBO would let you […]

Detroit Breakdown

If you know where to surf on the Web, you can find downloadable concerts. Conventional wisdom is young people don’t care.  Maybe that’s only because they’ve never seen an act as vibrant as the J. Geils Band live. Before they shortened their name to "Geils".  Before they switched labels and started making MTV fodder.  Before […]