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Jay Z-Aspiro/Wimp/Tidal

It’s all about the endgame. That’s what amateurs don’t understand about business. Jay Z doesn’t want to own and operate a streaming service, he just wants to leverage his fame to raise awareness and then lay the whole thing off on someone else. I’m sick and tired of entertainment people thinking they can compete in […]

Rhinofy-Ocean Songs

“Ocean” Lou Reed From the first solo album, when the Velvets were not yet savored history and no one was expecting much. Yes, I was hooked by the initial track, “I Can’t Stand It,” but I was closed by the final track, “Ocean,” it’s the one that made me a Lou Reed fan. Released in […]

Spotify/Mediabase-Triple A

1. Mediabase – “Budapest” George Ezra “Budapest” is number 58 on Spotify’s daily chart in the U.S. Number 99 on the weekly chart and number 54 on the worldwide chart. Why so low on Spotify? TOP FORTY AND AC ARE NOT PLAYING IT IN THE U.S! Why is this, the song is a one listen […]

Why The Grammys Matter

Because he who makes order out of chaos emerges triumphant. I’m not saying it’s important who wins, we all know artistic competitions are bogus, but appearing on the show? That’s a victory. I’ll even argue a Grammy is now more important than an Oscar, because the winners are easier to experience and check out further! […]