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My Nano

I got a Nano for Christmas.  A black one. But I’ve never used it. You see Apple went USB 2.0 with the new iPods.  And I don’t have a Mac with a USB 2.0 connection.  Oh, I’ve got a PC, but that’s no solution. I was planning on buying a new Mac.  A G5 tower.  […]

Bob Ezrin Weighs In

A friend of mine who runs a major label up here sent me an email in response to Terry’s press release that simply said "interesting position". Here’s my response to him: They are completely right. Suing our customers sits right up there with putting stealth software on their computers as reasons for the complete disconnect […]

The Beginning Of The End

Nettwerk Music Group Takes on the RIAA Terry McBride is not stupid.  In fact, he’s one of the smartest and shrewdest operators in the business.  You can argue with his methods, stating he burns his artists out in the process of breaking them.  But really, don’t you have to give props to someone who turned […]

This Week On KLSX

Are you following the Google in China story? You see the government doesn’t want the truth to out.  They want to control the version of reality consumed by the public. Used to be the game was easy.  The politicians and the corporations employed spinmeisters who dealt with the gatekeepers, the newspapers, TV, movies and magazines.  […]