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Re-I Gotta Try

Re-I Gotta Try Most times you write a song and you never know if anyone’s going to “get” it. When Mike and I wrote “Gotta Try” I thought it was the third best thing we’d written, just behind “This is It” and “What a fool…” We had high hopes. But we both missed the nerve, […]

Rhinofy-Fillmore-The Last Days Primer-Final

The film came out a year after the Fillmores closed, had almost no impact, and neither did this boxed set of highlights, but oh how high those highlights are! Actually, “Fillmore-The Last Days” was one of the few movies I walked in in the middle of, I’m like Alvy in “Annie Hall,” I’ve got to […]

I Gotta Try

So I got up early to battle the traffic to Thousand Oaks, to see the hip doctor. Actually, he’s not a hip doctor, he’s a physiatrist. I went to the hip doctor, he said I don’t need a replacement. And I flew out west, but got fearful about my return back east, traffic was backed […]

Ed Sheeran At Staples

It wasn’t your father’s arena show. You remember the baby boomers, the ones lamenting that today’s music sucks? They weren’t in attendance. Nor were their children. I’d put the average attendee at a bit over 16, the children of Generation X, who might be aware of Led Zeppelin and Fleetwood Mac but don’t even remember […]