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Phoenix At The Wiltern

Why was everybody there? I e-mailed Stacey to park beneath the building and she said: "I’m glad you already have tickets, because this show is totally sold out." Huh? Daniel Glass told me it was a tight ticket, but he owns the label.  What was bringing 2,000 plus people out on a Sunday night? Was […]

Link Of The Day

Michael Jackson and the Zombieconomy _________________________________ And while I’ve got your attention, tell EVERYONE you know to read Matt Taibbi’s piece on Goldman Sachs in the latest "Rolling Stone".  You can access a version here: The Great American Bubble Machine

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’

Elvis was before my time.  When he was swiveling his hips on TV, I was still in diapers.  By time he surged back to prominence in the sixties, I was pissed that he was displacing the British Invasion superstars.  But when he died it was weird.  He was so young! I heard the news as […]

The King Is Dead

He missed his childhood and now he’s gonna miss his old age. How fucked up is that? Michael Jackson never had a chance.  He had to succeed for his family, his parents’ dreams were dependent upon him. And a boy with that much pressure delivers.  He works truly hard, so he will be loved.  That’s […]