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Cheap Trick Does Sgt. Pepper At The Bowl

A fan doesn’t care if his favorite act is on the chart, doesn’t care if someone else is the flavor of the moment, a fan joins the club, goes to the convention and listens to the albums nobody else knows, like Robin Zander’s solo debut on Interscope. That’s Arvind’s favorite album. OF ALL TIME! The […]

From All Over The World

We went to see "The T.A.M.I. Show" at the cemetery. Actually, I kind of dig the cemetery. There was one at the end of our street growing up. It was a cool place to ride my bike. Not that I’d want to get caught there overnight. And I’d actually been to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery […]


So, we were driving slow down the avenue, in Jeff’s neighborhood, listening to XM 151, Laugh USA. Normally, I’d be tuned in to XM 150, XM Comedy, the edgier, uncensored station, but they were in commercial so I nudged the dial up one station to be entertained by a safer comic. Who turned out to […]

Track Of The Day

I haven’t been in the greatest mood. I got a speeding ticket for doing 38 in a 30 zone. What the fuck’s up with that? The cop said there were orange cones… But this was on Chautauqua at one in the morning! Don’t the cops have anything better to do? If you’re going to do […]