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Grounds For Divorce

You want to play this LOUD! I pulled into the Chevron station on Santa Monica Boulevard and I couldn’t turn off the stereo, they were playing this track by Elbow on Sirius Spectrum. I gave Elbow a chance a few years back, their music didn’t grip me…but this reminds me of listening to a bootleg […]

Kid Rock’s Reference

I was reading your article saying that country music fans r some of the best fans in the world. I said to myself…."Shit, I’ve known that for ten years" !!!!!! Kid Rock Bob Seger left moribund Capitol for the hippest record company in the world and still didn’t have a hit. "Back In ’72" garnered […]

So You Want To Have A Career

FolkWax: Your song "We Can’t Make It Here" garnered a lot of attention. Has the political side of your music helped you gain an audience? James McMurtry: Certainly, and putting that up as a free download did more for me than anything I’ve put on CD in the last decade. I didn’t know the power […]

I Go Back

R-E-S-P-E-C-T The couple in front of us were from Lancaster. That’s ninety miles from L.A., a desperate windblown metropolis sans all the glamour of Los Angeles. She was supposed to report for her bail bondsman gig at midnight, but tonight she was going to be late, tonight she was playing hooky, tonight she was going […]