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Black Keys Ticket “Fiasco”

“Why the Black Keys shut out hundreds of fans, causing chaos at the Wiltern” This is the best thing that ever happened to Safetix. Now most people know. Technology solves problems. It enables a step forward. But something is always lost in this transition. For years, the touring industry discussed “paperless” tickets. Now, everybody going […]

The Robbie Robertson Video

 At first I ignored it, figuring it was just hype for his new movie and LP. Yup, Robbie’s selling something, and when the tsunami of hype starts, I tune out. Now Robbie Robertson can’t sing. Oh, everybody can sing, and his vocal is perfect for his composition “Broken Arrow,” which is more about emotion […]

Ahmet Zappa-This Week’s Podcast

Majordomo of the Zappa Trust, son of Frank and Gail (as they told him to call them from birth), TV show host, writer, entrepreneur, Ahmet Zappa grew up by the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen, he has stories to tell. iheart spotify apple stitcher

The PBS Woodstock Documentary

It’s on Netflix. I just finished watching it. Wasn’t gonna watch it, but then I started getting e-mail and texts about it, and last night while Felice was taking a shower I started it and got hooked. Now if this was 1970, the documentary would only play in movie theatres. We’d line up to go, […]