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Roy Orbison & Buddy Holly At The Saban

It wasn’t creepy. I was shocked how many people were there, it was essentially sold out. How did they know and why did they go? Advertising, Nelly told me, she runs marketing for the tour. I didn’t see any of it, not a bit, but that just shows how vast the world now is, you […]

Endeavor Craps Out

Check the financial pages. Entertainment CEOs make as much as anybody ruling the Fortune 500, even though their companies are oftentimes worth less and generate less cash flow. There’s a self-importance factor in Hollywood…these gents, and they are mostly men, control and steer the culture! That’s a powerful position, and they believe they’re indispensable. Except […]

Trump Resigns

How do you lose a Presidency? Very slowly, then all at once. This is not a new story. Trump has been flirting with disaster from before his inauguration. Sure, his base loves him, but as the Donald so famously said, if he shot a person on Fifth Avenue, they wouldn’t convict him. Blind devotion. But […]

Michael Feinstein-This Week’s Podcast

The King of the Great American Songbook, Michael Feinstein is a player, a singer and an archivist, he’s born to and dedicated to the music. A legend with numerous albums and TV shows, you should listen to this even if only modern music floats your boat, hear how an outcast followed the music to success, […]