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The Imperfectionists

That’s the name of the book I’m reading.  I can never remember the title, only the author, Tom Rachman.  His last name, not his first.  As in I can only remember his family name, although in my mind it’s spelled "Rackman". That’s a facet of growing older.  Everything runs together to the point where you […]

Dealing With A Manager

From: Charlie BruscoSubject: RE: Kevin Lyman Speaks The TruthTo: Bob LefsetzCc: Tommy Shaw, James Young, Phil Carson, Stewart Young, Rod Essig, Rob Light, Danny Zelisko, Larry Vallon, Ryan Young, Taki Pappas, Mark Campana Bob… I continually hear you talk about acts charging too much and ticket prices being too high and you lumped the Styx, […]

Kevin Lyman Speaks The Truth

Country Throwdown Cancels Four Shows Citing Low Ticket Sales There are multiple stories here: 1. The shit has finally hit the fan in the touring world.  From big to little, from the Eagles to Country Throwdown, from has-beens like Bizkit to Top Forty artists like Christina Aguilera, cancelled shows and tours have become de rigueur […]

The Sound Strike

This could be the best thing to happen to Kanye West since glow in the dark glasses. Ever since Natalie Maines went on record regarding George Bush, musical acts have been afraid to take a stand.  And this is funny, since the willingness to stand up for what they believed in was the key to […]