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It’s A Team Sport

The oldsters and the wannabes are convinced that Spotify is ripping them off, when the facts say completely the opposite. But nothing can convince them otherwise. The most insightful article this week was in the “New York Times”: “Britons, Unfazed by High Covid Rates, Weigh Their ‘Price of Freedom’ – Britain is reporting more than […]

Hamilton Lessons

1 No one is an accidental success. You’ve got to want it, you’ve got to pursue it like you’re running out of time. Did you watch “Hamilton” on Disney+? “Hamilton” is the biggest musical event of the past five years, far eclipsing Ariana Grande or Kanye or anybody on the hit parade. Because it wasn’t […]

Now The Green Blade Riseth

Green Blade I spent an hour today watching a recording of last night’s Public Theatre play on YouTube: “What Do We Need To Talk About” This is the latest chapter of the Apple Family. Previous stories have been performed over the past ten years. But this is the first one to make its debut live […]

David Byrne’s American Utopia On Broadway

Is this the white “Homecoming”? Yes, Beyonce stunned Coachella with a huge production featuring the ethos and activities of historically black colleges. David Byrne stuns Broadway with a big production featuring the ethos of the Caucasian art school experience of the last century. Now the Byrne story is not new, he’s been trooping this show […]