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Anything Is Possible

Anything Is Possible This is an incredible book. Not the easiest book to read. Not one you can’t put down. Not a better one than “Olive Kitteridge” or “Amy & Isabelle,” but one that will get under your skin, creep you out and give you the feeling that you are not only not special, but […]


We’re only just passing through. Or, as Paul Simon once sang, “every generation throws a hero up the pop charts.” Not that Mr. Simon was in attendance. I remember when the R&RHOF began, before the building was erected in Cleveland, when all those original acts were crowding for inclusion, the dinners alternated from NYC to […]

Fyre Festival

Everybody likes to pile on. Rather than focus on the big issues, like Trump giving back to the rich, the great unwashed would rather concentrate on the foibles of a long in the tooth rapper and a greedy tech entrepreneur. Then again, that’s the world we now live in, one where everybody believes they can […]

Great, Not Good

David Itzkoff: “You tell a story in one of the episodes about seeing a prime performance from Sam Kinison, whose world did not exactly intersect with yours. Did you get something out of that experience?” Steve Martin: “Oh yeah. You know when someone’s killing it. But not always immediately. Sometimes it takes a couple of […]