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E-Mail Of The Day

Subject: Re: I’m A PC Dear Bob.  Yes! I DID read the New York Times article today (even though I AM a career indie rock college drop out), and the same quotes about the "I am a PC" ad campaign jumped out at me, too. Too many lame-ass, greedy cooks in the kitchen! The soup […]

I’m A PC

Did you read that article in today’s "New York Times" about Microsoft’s response to the Apple "Get A Mac" ads?  Deep in, at the bottom of the second to last column, it says this: "On Madison Avenue, they say that the more hands that touch an advertisement, the worse it becomes." That’s the beef, but […]

The Mono Remasters

This is a completely different experience. This is the way you remember them.  Not scrubbed clean, but emanating from one speaker in the dash, one speaker underneath the spinning wheel of your all-in-one record player.  It’s not about revelation, but basking in the joy of the music itself.  These are the CDs you want to […]

Even More Imogen Heap

I’ve yet to listen to her new album. But it wasn’t made for me. It was made for her fans. All the words written about Ms. Heap’s tweeting and YouTubing have focused on her marketing efforts.  She did it to sell her record.  Hell, you’ve got marketing blogs, seers deeply analyzing the effects, correlating them […]