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We’ve seen this movie before. MANY TIMES! The only difference is now the MAINSTREAM press ain’t falling for the copyright holders’ protestations. Old spin: He who owns the copyright not only controls the right to distribute his product how he sees fit, it’s one of the benefits of ownership, distribution is an entitlement that the […]

Not Ready To Make Nice

Simon Renshaw has just come from Sony. The label’s flipping, the new Dixie Chicks album can’t get played on country radio. Would the band consider doing more TV? Who does the interviewing? Do they have to play live? These are the questions Martie asks. And then Natalie jumps in and asks why they can’t be […]

Satellite Radio

Turn it on. Every casual listener I know is canceling his subscription. Then there are those who are diehards, who wouldn’t THINK of switching on FM, never mind AM, and don’t want to listen to iPods, because they never play anything you don’t KNOW! For a long time, I only listened to XM. But I’ve […]

They Love Their iPhones

I noticed a puddle on the floor. What did Paul Simon say? Everything put together falls apart? Turns out the water heater is kaput. Rubin just came to my house and confirmed it. But the most fascinating part of the exchange concerned the device attached to his hip. I noticed the white headphones. But workers […]