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My Screed

I’m sick and fucking tired of people telling me to be more positive.  To focus on solutions rather than problems.  Don’t you get it, it all comes down to the MUSIC! That’s what I love about this business.  You’re either a player or a supporter.  There’s a clear divide.  That’s the difference from the movie […]

Randy Phillips Responds

Bob,  it has been a while since I felt compelled to respond to your often amusing blog.  Much of what you write today is an accurate observation of our industry, both live and recorded, however, I have to take issue with opinion when presented as fact. First of all,  I have seen Whitney recently and […]

World Domination

Is this paradigm dead? The blogosphere is rife with stories that Whitney Houston is back drinkin’ and druggin’.  One writer connected it with the stress of her new album.  Whitney had a new album?  Oh, that’s right…  I never heard a single song and other than this negative news blip, I haven’t read a word […]


I was almost run over by a Cadillac today.  I was walking down the sidewalk in Brentwood, staring at an Audi R8 parked by the curb, when a Cadillac ascended from the depths beneath an apartment building and just about hit me. My first instinct? Must be an oldster. Sure, I wasn’t paying attention.  But […]