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Vaccine Passports

This is where business and law intersect, and not peacefully. If you’re following the news, and most people are not, at best they’re hung up on opinions, which are a dime a dozen and often removed from the facts, you know that Norwegian Cruise Line is in a kerfuffle with the state of Florida. Ron […]

The New Michael Lewis Book

“The Premonition: A Pandemic Story”: 1 Michael Lewis makes ordinary people stars. Like Billy Beane. And Michael Burry. And now Charity Dean. The “New York Times” gave this book a positive review, the “Wall Street Journal” a negative one. The WSJ said been there, done that, it’s in the past, so why bother sifting […]

Peter Frampton Forgets The Words This album is ASTOUNDING! This is the kind of album Jeff Beck used to make before he insisted on originals and stopped making albums on a regular basis. Yes, there are moments when Frampton uses the guitar sans effects so it almost sounds like a vocal, like Beck did on “Blow by Blow,” yet […]

Tower Of Babel Society

“Elon Musk is being brought in to save SNL’s sagging ratings. He could sink the show in other ways. – In the entertainment and business worlds, there is an argument in favor of the unorthodox host — as well as plenty of warnings”: Trump united us. Elon Musk is crazy, unsocialized like many scientists. He’s […]