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Re-B.J. Thomas

When my wife and visited the Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch in Johnson City, TX, in the early 2000s, the tour of the compound ended with a ride back to the Visitor Center while “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head” played in the tour bus. The guide said this was Johnson’s favorite song and he played […]

Utopia Avenue There are two kinds of people in this world. One believes David Mitchell is the bees knees, the best writer working, and the other makes the sign of the cross and runs away from all his words. I’m in the latter camp. Although, there is a third breed…people who have no idea who and […]

Master Of None-Season Three

At times this is so slow it’s a chore to keep watching. And therefore I don’t recommend it. Then again, if you’re a fan you’ve probably already seen it. And if you’re not… But you should be. The first two seasons of “Master of None” are fantastic. But having been caught up in the #Metoo […]

B.J. Thomas

1 1968. Martin, then Bobby. Which ultimately led to Chicago. But it was also the year of “Hair”…which dominated turntables and radio. Although “Hair” covers and ubiquity slipped into 1969, just like “Hooked on a Feeling” itself. 1969. The moon landing, Woodstock. Nothing gets that kind of ubiquity today, other than politics. One can argue […]