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Almost Naked In Whole Foods

L.A. isn’t much different from Havana.  It’s a veritable car MUSEUM! Now the reason is different.  There’s no economic embargo.  No need to hold together antiques with baling wire.  Rather, the dry air and the absence of road salt serve to hermetically seal automobiles.  Well, not exactly, but let’s just say cars LAST! It’s weird […]

This Week’s Tracks

"Travelin’ Light"Eric Clapton The last stuff I loved by Clapton was "She’s Waiting" and "Forever Man" on 1985’s Phil Collins-produced "Behind The Sun".  After that, Clapton mellowed to the point where there was almost nothing there. Oh yeah, I dug "Change The World", but the overplay made me crazy.  Eric Clapton used to be a […]

The Landscape

Just give me one thing that I can hold on toTo believe in this living is just a hard way to go "Angel From Montgomery"John Prine The future may be so bright we’ve got to wear shades, but the present is so confusing it makes us want to throw our hands in the air.  We […]

Sold Out

MadonnaTD Banknorth Garden/Boston-Thursday thru Monday-7/6-7/10Gross: $6,337,115Sold/Capacity: 36,741/36,741Ticket Price(s)-$350.00/$55.00 What ever happened to the BOSTON Garden. What bothers me is we no longer complain about the creeping commercialism.  What next, Citibank Yankee Stadium?  And we wonder why the acts have all sold out too.  It’s part of our CULTURE! As for Madonna…  Who do we blame […]