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An Inconvenient Truth

I didn’t think I needed to see "An Inconvenient Truth".  But then it was in excess of 110 degrees in the Valley and Felice’s air conditioning couldn’t break 84 and I wanted a respite from the HEAT! It’s been kind of scary in Los Angeles the past couple of days.  Kind of like that "Twilight […]

Power Top Ten

1. Steve Jobs Don’t fuck with Steve. Michael Eisner ignorantly came down on Apple’s "Rip/Mix/Burn" campaign, falsely declaring it illegal, and didn’t make nice with Pixar and who won, who survived?  Steve. Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and his CEO brethren saber-rattled, stating they needed variable pricing at the iTunes Music Store, and who won?  Steve.  Every […]

Lunch With Carter

So I asked him how he felt when "Incense and Peppermints" went to number one. The blase look I got in return surprised me.  After all, that’s what artists DREAM OF, and constantly recite the story of.  Hearing their song on the radio the first time.  Tingling when their track hits the top of the […]

Less Than Sold Out

Jets Overhead/AcrobatGreen Room/Montreal-Thursday 6/29Gross: $256Sold/Capacity: 36/100 Mmm…  Seems that I don’t have too much influence.  I raved about this act, word didn’t seem to get to Montreal! But maybe the point is different.  If you’re not actively building your touring base, since the guys in this band are really managers, then nobody cares. In other […]