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A Glimpse Of The Future

You won’t find a more opinionated man than Al Kooper. And he’s got a high opinion of himself too. Every Tuesday Al combs through every iTunes release, looking for gems, not to get rich, but for personal satisfaction. A couple of months ago, he decided to compile a weekly list of his picks. And I […]

The New Music Problem

We want to know what to listen to. Once upon a time, labels, radio and press performed this function. They drove us to the best of what was available, which wasn’t very much. The tunes were professionally recorded, sometimes boring or repetitive, but the scene was easily digestible, you could know every record available, you […]

Complete Crystal Harris Interview

Via the magic of YouTube: Part 1 At 5:42 Howard asks about being "imprisoned" in the Playboy Mansion, unable to escape. Part 2 At 1:17 Howard asks how Crystal escaped. Part 3


FRUSTRATED BANDS WILL SIGN WITH MAJOR LABELS Portugal. The Man just did. The major doesn’t want you if you’re brand new, not unless you can be molded into a Top Forty superstar. But they do want to cherry-pick anybody with significant success. Most bands make this deal. They’re sick of being broke. If you want […]