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Crystal Harris On Howard Stern

Great radio keeps you tuned in after you’ve reached your destination. Last night I could not turn Howard Stern off, even though it was 1:30 AM and I’d been up since 7 and I was where I wanted to be. Now I’m a bit pissed at Howard. Because he went soft on Gaga. I know, […]

BlackBerry Bold 9930

Verizon’s Blackberry Bold 9930 unveiled early thanks to website blunder This is what happens when you try to keep one foot in the past. You’re navigating the future with one arm tied behind your back. Someone at Verizon posted this video by accident. The phone’s not out yet. But if you own RIM stock, let […]

Roger McNamee Responds

Dear Bob, I gave a thematically similar address at NARM in May, which I have attached. To me, the opportunity for musicians is to view HTML 5 and the hypernet as canvases for making new music products to replace CD/mp3. To have any value, these products need to go miles beyond what Google did for […]

Roger McNamee

Roger McNamee at The Paley Center For Media Now I know how he closed Bono. McNamee is incredibly convincing in this video. And you should watch it. It’s got all the excitement we used to have in music that’s gone now, and according to McNamee, a musician himself, with the journeyman band Moonalice, it might […]