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TikTok Deep Dive

“How TikTok Chooses Which Songs Go Viral – The app’s hits seem to emerge organically, but the success of artists like Megan Thee Stallion reveals a highly managed curation process”: This is the most important music business article you will read all year, well at least the year that’s already transpired. And what stuns […]

Jimmy Kimmel-This Week’s Podcast

Jimmy Kimmel is just funny. Add his superior intellect and you know why he’s successful. Furthermore, he makes you feel included, like his best friend. We cover Jimmy’s roots in Brooklyn as well as Las Vegas, his radio career, his discovery as a TV personality by Fred Silverman to “Win Ben Stein’s Money,” “The Man […]

Re-The Frank Zappa Movie

I think every American who’s been following the news lately, and even those who haven’t, should take the time to read the lyrics of Trouble Comin’ Every Day, from the Freak Out album. This tune and these lyrics are what made me a Zappa fan early on. R Lowenstein _________________________________ I loved Zappa when I saw it […]


From: Richard Griffiths Subject: Jim Steinman I was so sad to read about the passing of Jim Steinman this week. I feel privileged that I got to work with him and could call him my friend. Bat Out Of Hell is one of the top 10 selling albums of all time,  here in the UK. […]