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Musicians Acting In Movies-SiriusXM This Week

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Strange Brew

Spotify: YouTube: 1 Most people had no idea who Eric Clapton was. Nor had they heard “Sunshine of Your Love,” it wasn’t until the summer of ’68 that the track crossed over from FM to AM, in an era where most markets didn’t even have an FM rock station. Yes, in the late […]

The Oscars

This is what happens when money supersedes art. The problem with the film business is it doesn’t realize time has already passed it by, that the paradigm it claims to operate under has expired. This is a business story. Smart business people get ahead of the audience. That’s the wisdom of Spotify…give people what they […]

Mass Shootings

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Fifty-odd years ago there was a rash of airplane hijackings. Taking a plane to Cuba was a regular thing, you almost thought 707s were personal Ubers. But then strict security measures were enforced at airports. Suddenly there was screening for metal, i.e. guns, and not only could passengers […]