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Hilton Valentine

Playlist: This is bringing me right down. Now it’s getting out of control, every week seems to bring the passing of a rock star of yore, some that you recognize, some that you’ve hardly even heard of. Leslie West. I bought the first Mountain album, which was really a Leslie West solo LP. Yes, […]

The Tiger Woods Doc

I’m in the middle of this. Been a strange day. First and foremost it was raining, which means snow in the mountains, Mammoth got over a hundred inches, not something you can fathom if you live on the east coast, if you live anywhere but California, where it doesn’t snow often, but when it does […]

Brexit Update

It’s the tyranny of the ignorant, and the misinformed. Every day there’s a new story about the perils of Brexit now that it is here. Today’s concerns the British car industry: “British Auto Industry Risks Slow Decline After Brexit – Lacking a strong domestic battery industry, Britain may be left behind by the shift to […]

Brian Wheat-This Week’s Podcast

Brian Wheat is the bassist for Tesla and he has a new autobiography, “Son of a Milkman.” We chart the arc of Tesla’s career, from fame to breakup to today, when they’re making more money than ever, but we also delve into Brian’s anxiety and depression, which he hopes will aid others to recognize their […]